Motion condemning Erdogan’s invitation and visit to Cambridge on 5/12/2019



This Trade Council Notes

  • The Head of the current Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Erdogan) is butchering Kurds through ground and air force bombings in which scores of innocent lives are taken including those of children. Erdogan is cracking down on Kurdish political leaders and putting them behind bars unlawfully[1]. The world condemns Erdogan’s war on Kurds[2]. Erdogan is also arresting, detaining progressive, left-wing and trade union leaders within Turkey. His crackdown on dissent extends to the country’s labour movement[3]. Both Turkish and Saudi regimes are supporting and funding terrorist groups worldwide especially in Syria and Pakistan[4][5].
  • Fourteen major UK trade union leaders (Appendix-I) urge the UK government to condemn Turkey’s recent invasion of Syria – and act to avert ethnic cleansing and a potential genocide by Turkish forces on the order of Erdogan[6].
  • The Cambridge mosque construction is significantly funded by Erdogan’s regime[7].
  • Despite the atrocious behaviour of Erdogan which is not hidden by the British public, labour and trade union movement, the Cambridge Mosque leadership still extended an invitation to Erdogan for Mosque opening. Erdogan arrived in Cambridge on 5 December 2017 for the opening.
  • Listening about the invitation and his arrival, a large protest happened on 5 December 2019 at 1pm in front of Great St Mary Church by the name of “Protest Erdogan visit to Cambridge”. The protest was attended by trade unionists, students, activists, rights groups and labour party members.
  • Speakers condemn Erdogan’s visit to Cambridge and also showed their anger and disgust towards Mosque leadership for the invitation.

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PiK sends open letter to Cameron: “End your silence on Erdogan’s abuse of power”

Yesterday, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign sent this letter to Prime Minister David Cameron. It was drafted in response to the Ankara bombing and the UK government’s continued support for President Erdogan, despite all evidence of his divisive and dangerous politics that has threatened the very stability of Turkey – and Syria. We call on him to urge Turkey to heed the PKK’s ceasefire and return to the peace process immediately.

In just a few days, the letter was signed by 95 of our campaign’s long-time supporters, as well as friends of the Kurdish movement from across the world. We have published the letter and signatories below in full.

Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister

21 October 2015


Open letter to David Cameron on UK policy towards Turkey

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Over a hundred supporters of the HDP sign international appeal

Over 100 prominent politicians, writers, academics, lawyers and activists signed open letter in support of HDP in Turkey’s coming elections on 7 June

HDP-LogoLater this week, people in Turkey will vote in a general election whose outcome will determine the future direction and nature of the country for perhaps generations. The increasingly authoritarian approach of Erdogan’s presidency and the political dominance of his AKP will either be further endorsed or brought to a halt.

The HDP is seen as offering the greatest hope for a shift towards a more democratic, inclusive alternative. The HDP stands for a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish problem in Turkey, as well as democratisation, inclusiveness and openness that are attracting strong support from communities well beyond the party’s core base of supporters among the Kurds and the left.

In response to the coming election on June 7, over one hundred respected politicians, writers, academics, human rights activists, journalists and lawyers from around the world have supported an appeal in the form of an open letter calling for support for the HDP and for the world’s media to pay attention to this crucial election. Continue reading “Over a hundred supporters of the HDP sign international appeal”

The Battle for Turkey’s Presidency

Frontline Club event on 25 July 2014

It is just over a year since protests to save Istanbul’s Gezi Park escalated after being met by an uncompromising stance from the government and a police crackdown. What started as an environmental movement became a wider protest against the perceived increased authoritarianism of the country’s leader.

As the protests continue and with the country due to vote in the first round of the presidential elections in early August, we will be bringing together a panel to gauge the political climate. With accusations of cronyism and mass corruption inside the government, we will explore what the protestors are fighting for and how much support they have across the country.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faced large-scale criticism following his reaction to the industrial disaster that killed over 300 miners. We will be asking how much support he still maintains in the country and if he is to contest and win the election what does this mean for Turkey?

Chaired by Murat Nisancioglu, the head of Turkish Service at BBC Global News.

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A present to Erdogan: Switzerland extradites Kurdish activist

A present to Erdogan: Switzerland extradites Kurdish activist Metin A. – on hunger strike for 50 days – to German authorities

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had hardly left Germany, had barely ended amicable talks with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the joint struggle against the PKK, when the theory was immediately put into practice.

On 1st November, the Swiss justice ministry extradited the Kurdish activist Metin A. to Germany, and this was despite the fact that the Kurd had been on hunger strike for over 50 days, with serious health consequences. He is now in the prison hospital at Stuttgart-Stammheim auf dem Hohenasperg, where he is at least taking some liquids once again, which he had strictly refused in Switzerland. Continue reading “A present to Erdogan: Switzerland extradites Kurdish activist”

MPs, academics and many more sign PiK open letter to Erdogan

A list of prominent members of parliament, members of European parliament, academic, trade unionists, political commentators and friends and supporters of the Peace in Kurdistan campaign have signed an open letter to PM Erdogan, in support of demands being made by the political prisoners on hunger strike:

Peace in Kurdistan  Campaign


PM Erdogan Must Respond to the Demands of the Kurdish Hunger Strikers

Hundreds of Kurdish prisoners are now taking part in a hunger strike which they have declared is to be indefinite.

This hunger strike began on 12 September, a not insignificant date in Turkey’s political history, with 63 people, including 13 women, in seven prisons. The numbers have grown rapidly with hundreds more Kurdish political prisoners joining the action and it is reported that 600 prisoners are currently on indefinite hunger strike. Continue reading “MPs, academics and many more sign PiK open letter to Erdogan”

Leading Kurdish Activist Arrested in Paris

Translated from Turkish original, London

ANF 12:41 / 10 Ekim 2012 Paris

KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) member, Adem Uzun, has been remanded in custody in France after appearing court following his arrest in Paris.

The KNK condemned the action against Mr Uzun and explained in a statement that Uzun was in Paris to take part in the preparations for a conference on West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan), which was scheduled to take place on 13 October. Continue reading “Leading Kurdish Activist Arrested in Paris”

Diversion of Tigris river completed, construction of actual dam starting

A new construction phase was celebrated at the Ilisu dam site with a big ceremony last week: The Tigris river has been diverted at the construction site now flowing through three big tunnels. This diversion will be maintained for several years. Now the construction of the actual dam in the dry river bed begins.

Construction of the Ilisu Dam begins

The Turkish Minister of the Environment Veysel Eroglu called the Ilisu dam an “important strategic and economic project”.  He stated that the project will be finished in summer 2014. After that it will take one more year to flood the reservoir.

It remains unclear, whether by “strategic” he is addressing the national Turkish-Kurdish conflict or the international consequences (mainly for Iraq). Once the Ilisu dam operates, Iraq will be even more dependent Turkish water policies. The livelihoods of about 6 Million people in Iraq depend on the Tigris river by using the water for irrigation or fishing. By cutting down the water flow, Ilisu will also put an end to the Mesopotamian Marshes, culturally and ecologically one of the most important areas worldwide. Continue reading “Diversion of Tigris river completed, construction of actual dam starting”

Erdogan runs roughshod over human rights: He does not deserve the Steiger Award!

The Society for Threatened Peoples has written this open letter to the Mayor of Bochum, Germany, protesting his decision to award Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the Steiger Award:


Open letter to the Mayor of Bochum

Dr. Scholz                                                                 Bochum/Göttingen, March 15, 2012

Erdogan runs roughshod over human rights: He does not deserve the Steiger Award!

Dear Dr. Scholz,

Presentation of the eighth annual Steiger Award is scheduled for March 17, 2012. This international award is intended to honor one who has shown remarkable straightforwardness, openness, humanity and tolerance. Continue reading “Erdogan runs roughshod over human rights: He does not deserve the Steiger Award!”