Listen to the Refugee’s Story: How UK Foreign Investment Creates Refugees and Asylum Seekers was jointly published by the Ilisu Dam Campaign Refugee Project, The Corner House and Peace in Kurdistan Campaign in 2002.

The vast majority of refugees today flee conflict, or social or economic oppression. In many cases, British companies, taxpayers and the government directly and indirectly support the human rights abuses that accompany British investment and policies abroad. Many of these abuses ultimately force people to flee their homes and then their countries. These investment include not just weapons exports but also oil and gas pipelines, mines, and large hydroelectric and irrigation dams.

This 132-page publication includes stories, poems and drawings from refugees and asylum seekers, including Kurds, Colombians, Afghans, Nigerians, Burmese and Somalis, about why they have been forced to flee their countries. The book highlights broader links between enforced migration and global economic processes, poses key questions about trade and development policies and corporate accountability, and addresses the effects of the current “war on terrorism” on different communities.

Contributors include Jean Lambert MEP, author and activist Arundhati Roy, journalist George Monbiot, barrister Francis Webber and many more, as well as dozens of refugees who tell the story of their struggle.

The book is still available to read online via the Cornerhouse website.