PJAK releases statement on anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad

PJAK released a statement on the anniversary of the ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ rebellion, the establishment of the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad and the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.

ANF NEWS DESK, Monday 23 January 2023


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IRAN/ROJHELAT: NEWS BRIEFING, 28 November – 31 December 2022

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Heyva Sor launches campaign “East Kurdistan is Not Alone”

1. Javanrud; Burhan Eliasi has been killed by the repressive forces
2. Iran top court accepts protester’s appeal against death sentence
3. Security forces fire on mourners in Kurdish town in western Iran
4. Iran court sentences Kurdish writer to over five years in jail
5. information is available on the fate of Kurdish activist Shahram Farhadi
6. ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ uprising continues in Iran and East Kurdistan
7. Demonstration for Belgian held in Iran calls for his release
8. The death sentence of Shakir Behrouz, a Kurdish political prisoner from Urmia, was reversed by the first branch of the Iranian Supreme Court
9. General strike in Iran and East Kurdistan
10. Four IRGC members killed in southeast Iran – IRNA
11. Iran judiciary urges swift carrying out of sentences
12. Activists from Rojhilat detained in Turkey at risk of deportation
13. Ilam; Sonia Sharifi is the first child sentenced to “enmity against God” in the recent protests
14. Iran removed from UN women’s rights body after US push
15. Jailed Iranian director receives award from Vienna Film Festival
16. IRGC intelligence continues to detain five Yarsani activists in Kermanshah
17. Iran carries out second execution over protests: Judiciary
18. Outrage as Iran carries out first hanging over protests
19. 500+ Executions in 2022 in Iran; 4 Men Executed for “Collaborating with Israel”
20. Iranian-Kurdish player transfers to Dalkurd
21. Iran Human Rights Warns of Imminent Risk of Protester Executions/ At Least 3 Children Facing Death Penalty Charges
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The Imrali Post #31 – 09 December 2022

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The Imrali Post #31 - 9 December 2022