Abdulkerim Ömer urged the Syrian government, the international public, the European Union and the UN to take a stance against possible invasion attacks on Rojava, calling for these threats to the stability and security of the whole world to be prevented.


Abdulkerim Ömer, Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, said that Turkey’s new invasion threats pose great dangers for the region. He remarked that Turkey seeks to include NATO in its conspiracy that would revive Turkish irredentism and pose a threat to the Middle East and the whole world.


Abdulkerim Ömer was interviewed by ANF about Turkey’s new invasion threats against North and East Syria.

Turkish President Erdogan has once again threatened North and East Syria. What are the recent developments that have led to these threats?

Erdogan’s threats are not new. Erdogan’s aim has been the annihilation of the Kurdish people since the beginning of the revolution. He wants to take advantage of every opportunity. He is currently taking advantage of the current Russia-Ukraine crisis, the fixation of the international community on this crisis and the contradictions between Russia and NATO in Rojava. He is also taking advantage of Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO bids. The Turkish state manipulates every problem in the international arena for its own interests.

The Turkish state wants to occupy another territory in Syria through a new conspiracy. It even seeks to include NATO in its conspiracy against the Kurdish people and the peoples of North and East Syria. This is the attitude of the Turkish state, which is based on the genocide of peoples.

What about the “ceasefire agreements” that were signed on October 17 and October 22, 2019 but not implemented?

There are ceasefire agreements signed first between the US and Turkey, and then between Putin and Erdogan. While we, as the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the SDF, abided by these agreements, the Turkish state did not for a single day. The bombings and drone attacks on North and East Syria continued. Civilians were killed and demographic changes were reported in the occupied areas.

Both “guarantor” countries remained silent towards these violations of the Turkish state. It means that they accept the situation and help Turkey. That’s why they are silent. We have expressed the problem in dozens of meetings with Russia, the US and the International Coalition. However, nothing has changed.

The Turkish authorities first said that ‘we will resettle Syrian refugees’, then made statements about ‘our border security’ and now invasion threats…

Erdogan has already practically carried out the project to resettle 1.5 million Syrian refugees in the region. For instance, the Kurdish population in Afrin was 97 percent before the invasion, it is now less than 20 percent. In practice, demographic change is already taking place. All kinds of crimes are committed in occupied areas such as Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrin. Turkey is forcing people to migrate to other places.

The new occupation project of the Turkish state is even more dangerous. Chauvinist Erdogan wants to resettle 1.5 million refugees there with the help of the international community. Erdogan’s plan is against human rights, international laws, the UN’s refugee resolution 1951 and security council resolution 2254. The Autonomous Administration supports the return of refugees. However, this return is possible with stability and resolution of the conflict in Syria because refugees should return to their own lands, not to other places.

What kind of picture may emerge after a possible invasion?

Turkish invasion attacks would lead to the revival of ISIS. It would also lead to the revival of the political Islamist project and Turkey’s National Pact. Possible invasion attacks would seriously affect the stability of the region. Turkish invasion attacks would jeopardize the security of the region. They would affect not only us, but also the entire Middle East and the world.

Erdogan will do everything he can in 2022. Before the elections to be held in Turkey in 2023, he wants to obtain “gains” through the attacks on Rojava (West), Başur (South) Kurdistan, Medya Defense Zones and Şengal. Erdogan’s “gains” are tantamount to the annihilation of the Kurdish people and the peoples of North and East Syria, and the extermination of the Kurds throughout Kurdistan.

These threats of Erdogan help ISIS. He has already used ISIS before. The aim of the recent attack on the Sinaa prison in Hesekê was to destabilize North and East Syria. The aim and plan were not to kidnap a few ISIS prisoners, but to free all of them to capture the Hol Refugee Camp and the whole region. However, Erdogan failed to do so. Our forces prevented the desired result with great sacrifice.

What is your roadmap against this?

We do not back down from resistance. We will also carry out diplomatic activities. Today we will once again contact the guarantor countries. We will convey our messages to institutions such as the United Nations and the European Union.

All Kurdish people and all Syrian peoples should take a stand against this. People should flock to the streets to condemn these invasion threats. The international community and the guarantor countries should also take a stand. I am calling on the peoples of North and East Syria and the Kurdish diaspora; let’s all adopt an attitude and flock to the streets. Let’s step into action against these invasion threats.

The Syrian government should also take a stance against these threats which target Syria’s sovereignty. The European Union and the United Nations must prevent the invasion threats of the Turkish state.