Dear friends,

Political developments in Turkey under the authoritarian regime of Erdogan continue to be extremely worrying. As the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Representation in Europe, we have compiled a report titled “Systematic Oppression as the Basis for Erdogan’s ‘New Turkey’” (Attached).

This report aims to bring you closer to the political developments in Turkey.

Erdogan’s authoritarian regime has been systematically controlling/instrumentalizing the state’s institutions incarcerating all elements of a democratic opposition, in particular the Peoples’ Democratic Party, the third largest party in the Turkish parliament.

Now over 10 thousand HDP members have been under arrest since 2015. Some thousands of HDP members have been released after being behind bars – sometimes for years – but there are still more than 4 thousand HDP members, including MPs and co-mayors, in prison.

What we covered in this report is just the tip of the iceberg. We know what Erdogan has been doing requires much more extensive reports. You will find detailed information, including facts and figures about the Erdogan regime that is causing serious problems at home and abroad.

People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Representation in Europe


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