This report is a compilation of open-source information about the current state of the SNA militias active in the Turkish-occupied territories of Syria (as of August 2022). It updates the already existing descriptions of the SNA militias contained in RIC’s ‘The Syrian National Army: The Turkish Proxy Militias of Northern Syria’ report, which provides a thorough look at the relationship between the SNA and its political counterpart, the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), as well as Turkish officials. With this encyclopedia, we seek to facilitate the work of researchers, humanitarian organizations, and official international and state agencies, and any other interested parties, in order to identify the myriad of armed groups present in northern Syria.

The-SNA-Encyclopedia_ A guide to the Turkish proxy militias – August 2022

Download the full report here.


The SNA factions compiled in this report are:

  • 9th Division (al-Furqah 9) – الفرقة التاسعة
  • 20th Division (al-Furqah 20) – الفرقة العشرون
  • Ahrar al-Sham (Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiya, ‘Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant’) – أحرار الشام
  • Ahrar al-Sharqiya (Tajammu Ahrar al-Sharqiya, ‘Gathering of Free Men of the East’) – أحرار الشرقية
  • Al-Hamza Division (Furqat al-Hamzah) – فرقة الحمزة
  • Al-Jabha al-Shamiya (‘Levant Front’) – الجبهة الشامية
  • Al-Waqqas Brigade (Al Vakkas Tugayı – Liwa al-Waqqas) – لواء الوقاص
  • Faylaq al-Majd (‘Glory Legion’) – فيلق المجد
  • Faylaq al-Rahman (‘al-Rahman Legion’) – فيلق الرحمن
  • Faylaq al-Sham (‘Sham Legion’) – فيلق الشام
  • Jaysh al-Islam (‘Army of Islam’) – جيش الإسلام
  • Jaysh al-Nukhba (‘Elite Army’) – جيش النخبة ،قطاع الشمال
  • Jaysh al-Sharqiyah (‘Eastern Army’) – جيش الشرقية
  • Levant Revolutionaries (‘Thuwar al-Sham’)- ثوار الشام
  • Liwa 51 (‘Brigade 51’) – اللواء 51
  • Liwa 113 (‘Brigade 113’) – اللواء 113
  • Liwa al-Salam (‘Peace Brigade’)- لواء السلام
  • Mu’tasim Division (Furqat al-Mu’tasim) – فرقة المُعتصم بالله
  • Muntasir Billah Division – (Furqat al-Muntasir Billah, ‘God’s Victory Division’ ) – فرقة المنتصر بالله
  • Northern Brigade (‘Liwa al-Shamal’) – لواء الشمال
  • Samarkand Brigade (Liwa Samarqand – Semerkant Tugayı) – لواء سمرقند
  • Special Forces Division – فرقة القوات الخاصة
  • Sultan Malikshah Division (Sultan Melikşah Tümeni – Furqat al-Sultan Malik Shah) – فرقة السلطان ملكشاه
  • Sultan Mehmed al-Fateh Division (‘Fatih Sultan Mehmet Tümeni – Furqat al-Sultan Muhemet al-Fatih’) – فرقة السلطان محمد الفاتح
  • Sultan Murad Division (Furqat al-Sultan Murad) – فرقة السلطان مراد
  • Sultan Suleiman Shah Division (Furqat al-Sultan Suleiman Shah) – فرقة السلطان سليمان شاه
  • Suqour al-Sham Brigade (‘Hawks of the Levant’) – لواء صقور الشام
  • Suqour al-Shamal Brigade (‘Hawks of the North Brigades’) – لواء صقور الشمال