Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley talks on Rojava and the Left

20 April 2020|Thomas Jeffrey Miley

The Rojava revolution faces great challenges going forward.  But the revolutionary forces have already made history.  Their democratic confederal project – with its emphasis on direct democracy against the state, multicultural accommodation, gender emancipation, and social ecology – has inspired people across the globe.  In a time when the very future of humanity, and of life on the planet, are under unprecedented threat, the revolutionary experiment in Rojava stands out as a valiant attempt, in the midst of a still-unfolding catastrophe, to construct a radical democratic alternative to spiralling violence and tyranny.

Thomas Jeffrey Miley is a Lecturer of Political Sociology at the University of Cambridge, and a member of the executive committee of the European Union Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC).  He is co-editor, with Federico Venturini, of Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdogan’s Turkey (Montreal: Black Rose Books, 2018).

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Only Mountains -Original Drama Radio Play by Maxine Peake

Only Mountains

Original Drama by Maxine Peake

When Pearl chooses Istanbul as the destination for her best friend’s hen do, it isn’t just the beautiful location that draws her there. While in Istanbul, Pearl meets people from the Kurdish community and her political convictions are strengthened through her encounters. But when she makes the controversial decision to join the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish militia fighting on the brutal frontline in Rojava against the Islamic State group, will her friends be able to change her mind?


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(AUDIO) The Kurdish Women’s Movement: On Revolution, Militarism and Body Politics