When Will the International Community Stop Erdogan`s War and Crimes Against Humanity?

February 2022 report by the Democratic Autonomous Council of Sinjar (MXDŞ)


The Democratic Autonomous Council of Sinjar (MXDŞ) was established in January 2015 by the population of Sinjar. Thus, the Ezidi population together with other communities of the region has built the foundation for governing and protecting itself. This was considered necessary due to the devastating experiences our population had made under the rule of both the Iraqi government until 2003 and the KDP from 2003 until 2014. Due to their refusal to protect our community, the population of Sinjar experienced yet another genocide in August 2014.

Only due to the intervention of the Kurdish guerrilla and the self-defense forces of Rojava, our community was saved from total annihilation. Since its foundation in early 2015, the MXDŞ has established ten local people`s councils, schools, hospitals, cultural institutions, security forces, self-defense forces and many more institutions in all parts of Sinjar that successfully serve the needs of our people despite the little resources available. Today, all different ethic and religious communities of Sinjar are represented among the 111 delegates of the MXDŞ, its coordination and its different committees. Thus, we continue to strengthen the peaceful coexistence of all communities, peoples and religious groups in the region.


39 bombs in just four hours: This is the result of Turkey`s most recent brutal attacks on our home region Sinjar. Starting at 10 p.m. on February 1, dozens of Turkish war planes and armed drones heavily bombarded 21 places all over our homeland. As a result, 3 civilians were killed and one more civilian injured. Thus, Turkey and its fascist ruler Erdogan have once again proven that they won`t stop killing our people until the international community stops them. Since April 2017, the Turkish state has carried out dozens of air strikes on our community which have killed many members of our Ezidi and Arab people living in Sinjar.

Since international criticism and effective measures have been weak, Turkey now felt emboldened to carry out its most extensive attacks ever on Sinjar. This escalation clearly shows that Turkey will continue to breach international law and commit war crimes by attacking our people, if the international and regional powers don`t take a clear stance against this and don`t close the Iraqi airspace for Turkish warplanes and drones, i.e. declare a no-fly-zone for Turkish fighter jets. Therefore, as the Democratic Autonomous Council of Sinjar (MXDŞ) we once again urgently call on the international community, the UN, the USA, the EU and all democratically-minded people of the world: Stop Turkey from attacking our people in Sinjar!

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Report – MXDS – February 2022