Reading List

Reading Lists for 2020-2021


Lecture One (SOC 3): Global Inequalities

Notes for Lecture on Inequalities

Part 1. Decolonizing the Debate about Global Inequalities:

Part 2. Marx and the Concept of Primitive Accumulation:

Part 3. Primitive Accumulation as Ongoing Process:

Supplementary Interview with Mohammed Elnaiem:


Lecture 2 (SOC 3): Borders

Notes for Lecture on Borders

Part 1. Borders and Sovereignty:

Part 2. Border as Wall or Border as Method?

Part 3. Border Imperialism and Thinking from the Border:

Supplementary Interview with Matt Sedillo:


Lecture 4 (SOC 12): Imperialism, Marxism, Anti-colonialism

Notes for Lecture on Imperialism, Marxism, Anticolonialism

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.


Lecture: Struggles for Self Determination

Notes for Lecture on Struggles for Self-Determination in 21st Century

Part 1: Anticolonial Worldmaking.

Part 2: Still Freedom Time?

Part 3: The End of Liberation?

Part 4: Jumpstarting the Dialectic.


Lecture: Abolitionism

Notes for Lecture on Abolitionism

Part 1: Are Prisons Obsolete?

Part 2: Californication.

Part 3: Abolition as Praxis.


Lecture: Covid-19

Notes for Lecture on COVID-19

Part 1: COVID-19 and the Technique of Biopolitics.

Part 2: Beyond the Control Society. COVID-19 as Panendemic.

Part 3: COVID-19 and the Rebirth of Communism?

Part 4: COVID-19 as a Plague of Capitalism.


Lecture: Capitalism and Climate Catastrophe

Notes for Lecture on Capitalism and Climate Catastrophe

Part 1: Rethinking Capitalism in the Web of Life.

Part 2: Decolonizing the Anthropocene.

Part 3: What Is to Be Done?


Lecture: Democracy and Capitalism

Notes for Lecture on Democracy and Capitalism

Part 1: An End to Capitalism?

Part 2: Legitimation Crisis?

Part 3: The Passive Revolution in India.

Part 4: Alternative Models of Democracy.


Lecture: Nations, Nation-states, and Postcolonialism

Notes for Lecture on Nations, Nation-States, and Postcolonialism

Part 1: The Nation as an Imagined Community.

Part 2: Postcolonial Critiques of Anderson.

Part 3: Rethinking Modularity and Gendering the Nation.


Lecture: Nationalism and Racism

Notes for Lecture on Nationalism and Racism

Part 1: Fanon’s “On National Culture”.

Part 2: Imagined Communities of Race vs Nation.

Part 3: Gendering the Nation.


Lecture: Environmentalism and Anti-Racism

Notes for Lecture on Environmentalism and Anti-Racism

Part 1: Racism and the Anthropocene.

Part 2: Climate Apartheid.

Part 3: Decolonization and Environmental Justice.