(PDF) The Imrali Post

You Heard His Name. Learn His Story. Demand His Freedom.

Issue No 10 / 25 May 2022 ★ Contact: [email protected]

The Imrali Post is a new news bulletin published by the International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan—Peace in Kurdistan”. It aims to highlight news in relation to the struggle for freedom of the political prisoners, in particular of Abdullah Öcalan, and peace and democracy in Kurdistan.

The bulletin is published as a PDF and distributed by mail. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please let us know and send a mail to [email protected] .

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Statements call for Ocalan’s release on the anniversary of his expulsion from Syria


The Syrian war started with the expulsion of Abdullah Öcalan

His freedom is our freedom


On 9 October 1998 Abdullah Öcalan was expelled from Syria, due to pressure from the Turkish government. As a result of an international plot he was later kidnapped and since 1999 has been in a Turkish prison, held under the most severe conditions of solitary confinement. Nevertheless in 2007 the Turkish state started negotiations with him as the representative of the Kurdish freedom movement. However, since 5 April this year he has been cut out of the negotiating delegation and has been kept completely isolated. This treatment of a significant political prisoner holds an entire society hostage and has a detrimental influence on peace negotiations in the Middle East.

Peace negotiations with the participation of Abdullah Öcalan, as well as his freedom, are directly linked to the freedom of the people in the Middle East. Continue reading “Statements call for Ocalan’s release on the anniversary of his expulsion from Syria”