‘There is a need to put the legitimate demands of Kurds on the agenda and to conduct sincere negotiations…The Kurdish issue in Turkey is a matter related with the human and citizen rights of the Kurdish people who have been exposed to brutal oppression for a very long time.’ 

Noam Chomsky

Since it was launched in October 1994, the Peace in Kurdistan Campaign has established itself as a vital and tireless campaigning organisation dedicated to advancing the rights of the Kurdish people and achieving a political resolution of the Kurdish question. It has won the support of politicians, academics, lawyers, journalists and writers including distinguished figures with international reputations such as Prof Noam Chomsky, the late John Berger, Lady Antonia Fraser, Michael Holroyd, Margaret Drabble, Edward Bond, Edward Albee, Gareth Peirce, Michael Mansfield QC and the late Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter.

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign’s activities include organising delegations of representatives from the UK and Turkey, to foster alliances and build solidarity or to provide independent observation of political trials and the consequences of Turkish military operations; producing news briefings and distributing information provided by key voices in the Kurdish movement; lobbying the British government on the Kurdish question; organising meetings to raise awareness of the issues at stake in the struggle for Kurdish rights. We regularly publish statements in response to political developments.

“We know from experience that no-one can emerge as the victors in such a conflict. We are firmly of the view that the Kurdish question can be resolved through the peaceful negotiations with the genuine leadership of the Kurdish people. We urge you to rise to the occasion and take up the challenge that history has thrust upon you.”  

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Letter to Recep Tayyip Erdogan