Turkey’s bombing of the Kurds must be stopped – Statement


The immediate reason given by Turkey for its latest military onslaught on the Kurds is the horrific Istanbul bombing which left six people dead and over 80 injured. With indecent haste, the Erdogan government sought to pin the blame for these needless deaths entirely on the Kurds and Kurdish organisations. We regard Turkey’s reaction as sadly predictable, entirely disproportionate and cynically opportunistic. Continue reading “Turkey’s bombing of the Kurds must be stopped – Statement”

Aldar Xelîl: Turkey fabricates justifications for occupation

PYD Co-Presidency Council member Aldar Xelîl pointed to the Turkish attempts to fabricate justifications for new invasion attacks, saying, “They seek to change the cover of the attacks.”


KAHRAMAN DILSOZ, HESEKE, Fridaym 14 Oct.2022


The Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-Presidency Council Member Aldar Xelîl remarked that the reason for the deepening of the crisis in the Middle East is the imprisonment of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan following an international conspiracy. “The Middle East could have rebuilt itself and resolved its problems in these 24 years,” Xelîl underlined.

PYD Co-Presidency Council Member Xelîl answered ANF’s questions concerning the October 9 conspiracy, the attitude of the Syrian regime and the Adana Agreement, CPT’s visit to Imrali prison and the Turkish invasion.