Margaret Owen

The present dire situation of over two million internally displaced people (IDPs) in Rojava, (refugees in all but name), abandoned by the UN, the US and the EU is a scandal and is a “preventable catastrophe”.

I am describing a humanitarian disaster in Northern Syria that could and should be alleviated providing that humanitarian aid is delivered. It is required now and urgently. Continue reading “ROJAVA AS HOME TO OVER TWO MILLION IDPS”

Urgent Appeal To the World’s Public Opinion and Humanitarian Organisations

The failure of the Syrian peace negotiations has led to an unprecedented escalation of violence. In addition, following the start of the 4th phase of the Wrath of the Euphrates Campaign to liberate Raqqa and its countryside, tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) have moved to the Rojava and north Syria regions, which are relatively secure and safe areas thanks to the sacrifices and heroic bravery of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). Continue reading “Urgent Appeal To the World’s Public Opinion and Humanitarian Organisations”

Letter from Abdalla Kurdi, father of Alan Kurdi

The image of 3-year old Alan Kurdi’s small body on a beach in Turkey quickly became emblematic of the current refugee crisis. Today, we received this letter written by Alan’s father, Abdalla, and Anwar Muslim, which he wrote from Kobane where he has returned. 

Letter from Abdalla Kurdi, father of Alan Kurdi

Dear friends,

There is very good information about the situation in Syria and more generally in the Near East.  The region is involved in a local and international power struggle. Our Syrian homeland has become a focus of this struggle, in which there is now neither security nor economic stability. This is the reason that people have packed up, leaving the country of their fathers and grandfathers for other countries, in hope of finding security and a humane life. Continue reading “Letter from Abdalla Kurdi, father of Alan Kurdi”

Urgent Winter Appeal for Kobane

More than 800,000 Kurds from Kobane and Shengal have fled ISIS attacks and face a bitter winter in refugee camps. The UN predicts that many vulnerable people may not survive the winter unless more aid money can be raised. Heyva Sor a Kurdistane, formed in 1993, is the main charity supporting Kurdish refugees, where UN and other agencies have no presence. The temperature is already below freezing and more suitable tents, sheltering containers and heaters are urgently needed, along with more food and medical supplies. Heyva Sor needs donations from the international community to help these refugees and those still stuck in Kobane survive winter.

Please donate to help this vital work continue to save lives

Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê/ Kurdish Red Moon

Continue reading “Urgent Winter Appeal for Kobane”

Health workers in Kurdistan harassed by Turkish police for treating refugees from Kobane

By Stephen Smellie, UNISON South Lanarkshire who just returned from a visit to Kurdistan and Kobane. You can read more of his observations during his recent trip to North Kurdistan here.

5 November 2014

Police officers have kicked in the doors of a rehabilitation facility providing services to injured refugees from the ISIS attack on Kobane. Refugees were manhandled and verbally abused while health staff, working in a voluntary basis, were abused and told they should stop treating the refugees.

Selma Atabey is a nurse working at a large public hospital in Diyarbakir and co-president of the city’s branch of health workers union SES. Continue reading “Health workers in Kurdistan harassed by Turkish police for treating refugees from Kobane”