This paper is based on a talk given by Prof. Kariane Westrheim at a panel debate held by the EU-Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) on 13 June 2021 on EU-Turkey relations, coinciding with the NATO summit on 14 June. This debate can be viewed here:

Kariane Westrheim is professor at the University of Bergen, Norway and EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) chairperson. Her research covers multicultural issues, knowledge construction in political movements, and foreign prisoners and education. Westrheim has conducted fieldwork in Makhmour, Bakur and Rojava. Much of Westrheim’s theoretical framework is inspired by critical theory, the Freire tradition.

The text can be downloaded as a pdf here: Voices from Makhmour: Educational Experiences and Future Reflections in a Kurdish Refugee Camp

The text can be viewed here: Westrheim 13 June MAKHMOUR