The failure of the Syrian peace negotiations has led to an unprecedented escalation of violence. In addition, following the start of the 4th phase of the Wrath of the Euphrates Campaign to liberate Raqqa and its countryside, tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) have moved to the Rojava and north Syria regions, which are relatively secure and safe areas thanks to the sacrifices and heroic bravery of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).
The number and location of refugees and IDPs are as follows:

Afrin Province

The number of IDPs in Afrin is estimated at 45,000, living mainly in Rubar and Keshtar camps and in different towns within the province.

Manbaj Areas

The number of IDPs inside the city of Manbaj is estimated at 71,000 and in the Manbaj countryside is 50,000.

Al Raqqa Area

Al Karamah Camp: the total number of IDPs has exceeded 35,000.

Al Jarnyeh and Mahmudiyeh camp: the number of IDPs is 4,000.

Makman and Abou Khashab areas: 20,000 IDPs.

Girê Sipî (Tel Abbyad) Area

The total number of residents in Ain Issa camp is 7000 IDPs.

Jiben Al Shaeer camp has an estimated 35,000 IDPs.

Al Jazira Province

Mabroukeh Camp: the number of IDPs and Iraqi refugees has reached 5,500 people. In addition, there are 3,500 IDPs from the city of Dier

Al Zor, currently living in various centres in Al Shadadi and Hasaka areas.

Al Houl Camp: the number of Iraqi refugees and IDPs from Dier Al Zor has reached 20,000 people.

The Democratic Self-Administration has provided shelter and safety to IDPs and refugees within its territory. In addition, the Administration has distributed food items, including flour and bread, to support refugee families. However, the Administration cannot continue its supportive work due to the increased number of IDPs and the limited resources available, mainly because of the imposed economic blockade.

The UN agencies and other international organisations have not lived up to their promises. Their work is not in proportion to their international status and the extent of the disaster we are currently facing. In addition, these organisations have not intervened in the required efficient and immediate manner, citing bureaucratic procedures and approvals from Damascus, Geneva and elsewhere.

Through this urgent appeal, we want to raise public awareness of the magnitude of the tragedy we are suffering. There is a real disaster in the region; children are dying of hunger and thousands of IDPs in Al Karamah camp do not have access to clean water as a result of Daesh cutting off the main water supply. Furthermore, thousands of IDPs still sleep in the open for the third consecutive day for lack of tents and necessary supplies.

We call upon all free people and humanitarian organisations and institutions to shoulder their moral and humanitarian responsibilities and to respond to this urgent appeal.

Office of Refugee and Displaced Persons Affairs in Rojava – Northern Syria