EUTCC Newsletter July 2022

EUTCC Commentaries #18: Turkish Racism Against Kurds: Colonial Violence, Racist Slurs and Mob Attacks 

by Güllistan Yarkın, Independent Researcher, Istanbul

This commentary focuses on how the Turkish state facilitates military urbanism as revanchist and racialized mechanisms of collective punishment to suppress grassroots mobilization, oppositional politics.

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EUTCC News briefing

Commentaries #15: Delisting the PKK as a terrorist organization 

By Prof. Michael Gunter, Tennessee Technical University, US

Delisting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as a terrorist organization would be a bold, imaginative move by Turkey, the European Union (EU), and the United States (US), among others, that might contribute to the peace process and benefit all concerned parties. However, Turkey presently does not want to acknowledge collective rights for its ethnic Kurds, and is willing to grant merely limited and begrudgingly individual rights such as mother-tongue language in the schools and a Kurdish TV channel, among a few others. Thus, there remains a very long way still to go, but delisting the PKK is surely one important start along this necessary journey.    Continue reading “EUTCC News briefing”