Merhaba and Hello dear friends,

Here’s our call for international solidarity for Öcalan’s freedom.

We’re waiting for your support through actions, translating and

forwarding this call!

We’re also happy to get pictures and videos from your actions!

In international solidarity, serkeftin!

YCR Youth Union Rojava


Through international solidarity towards Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom

A call from Yekîtiya Ciwanên Rojava

While the capitalist modernity wants to prolong his age by emptying the

content of our universe especially the minds of people which have been

played with by the hands of oppression, until the point that people’s

mind neither recognizes what is happening in there environment nor with

which danger humanity and life itself are confronted with. Since the

creation of city states in Sumer and while its continuing development by

oppressive powers until these days, all the people which stood up

against the monster of capitalism where confronted with annihilation. In

all times, especially in the Middle East, the capitalist system has been

violating and destroying the natural laws. Furthermore it didn’t let the

people of the region live together a life of peace and stability.

But in between this chaos somebody raised his head and said, enough of

annihilation of humanity and nature and enough of violence, and began a

struggle for the creation of a new system, a system which is lived in

peace by all peoples on the base of women’s freedom and defense of the

nature/ecology. The one who created the idea of this system and the one

who stood against the annihilation of societies and the interests of

oppressive states, is the philosopher of the people Abdullah Öcalan. But

he was kidnapped and detained through the international plot of these

states on the 15th of February 1999. This plot targeted the will of

freedom of Middle Eastern’s people in the individual of Öcalan. Since

then Öcalan has been in the Imrali prison.

But because the people of this region do not follow the dirty games of

capitalism, that’s why they have created the system of Democratic Nation

for a common and con-federal life. In the system of Democratic Nation

there is sociology of freedom and social justice to be found for all

humans to be able to live equally in a ethic and political society based

on youth’s initiative, ecology and women’s freedom. A result of this

democratic idea are the revolution in Rojava and the creation of the

federal system of North-Syria. Wherein all components of society are

participating and have formed their own self-defense to resist the enemy

of humanity – the Islamic State.

But this system, which has been created is not in the interest of the

oppressive powers.  For this reason a total isolation on Öcalan has been

imposed from the 5th of April 2015 on, following the decision of AKP not

to continue the peace process and therefore not to find a solution for

the peoples of the region. The goal of this process, which has been

started by Öcalan, is the creation of a democratic future, not only for

the Kurdish and Turkish people but rather for all the people worldwide.

We, as the youth of Rojava which is organizing itself with the paradigm

of Öcalan, are calling all the people and democratic forces worldwide,

especially the youth, for actions and pressure on their governments so

that the meetings with Öcalan are continued and informations about his

situation are given concerning his life threat due to the very tense

situation in Turkey right now. Not at least because this total isolation

is against all kinds of human rights and because it’s an international

plot, is it absolutely necessary for all democratic forces to fight for

the freedom of Öcalan.

The struggle for freedom for Öcalan means struggle for the freedom of

the people!

Fighting for freedom of Öcalan means fighting for women’s liberation!

Freedom for Öcalan means freedom for the youth and their initiative role

in the society!