(VIDEO) ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan Speaks Out on Brexit, a Possible Corbyn Government, and Turkey’s Invasion of Rojava

14 November 2019|ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan with Alaettin Sinayic

Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF) General Secretary Mick Whelan interviewed by Journalist Alaettin Sinayic. Whelan commented on Brexit, austerity, the importance of having a Labour government and Turkey’s invasion and attacks to North East Syria. He also explains that the 139 year old union campagned against “fascism”, “racism”, and “self-determination”.



Peace in Kurdistan sends its congratulations to you on the Labour Party’s impressive performance in the UK’s general election.

The increase in support for Labour comes as a great personal triumph for yourself and the magnificent campaign that you led. The outcome was a great success for your party which fought on a bold manifesto that offered hope to millions of people, standing up for the many, not the few.

It cannot be forgotten that Prime Minister Theresa May only called the snap early election in the first place because she expected to win a landslide. Your impressive campaign and the optimistic message that politics can be done differently denied Theresa May that victory. Continue reading “CONGRATULATIONS TO JEREMY CORBYN”

Congratulations from friends in Peace in Kurdistan campaign

jeremy newrozJeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party

Dear Jeremy,

Peace in Kurdistan would like to send its warm congratulations to you on the gre
at news of your victory in the Labour leadership contest.

Your election will be greeted with enthusiasm as excellent news by all who believe in a better world. The Kurdish people, who are proud to count you as a friend, certainly share in the celebrations of your election victory.

This successful result is a real tribute to your tireless campaigning for social justice and the rights of peoples at home and abroad.

We take the opportunity to pay tribute to you for your staunch and consistent support in Parliament and your solidarity with the Kurdish community in London.

We wish to thank you for all your support over the years for our campaigns on behalf of the Kurds and in particular for the peace process in Turkey which seeks to resolve the conflict in that country.

We would like to wish you well in your new role as you lead your party onto electoral success in coming months and years.

Peace in Kurdistan  looks forward to working with you in the future as Labour’s new leader.

In solidarity

Peace in Kurdistan

Ankara delegation report published

A recent parliamentary delegation to Ankara has published a report on their findings.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Lord Hylton and Jill Evans MEP spent two days in Ankara on the invitation of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) meeting with Kurdish and Turkish representatives from the Grand National Assembly and a variety of NGO’s. Their report, which is available for you read and download, gives an account of a variety of concerns around the denial of Kurdish rights, the new Turkish constitution, state repression and the impact of recent arrests on the BDP and Kurdish democratic politics.

The report also pledges the delegation’s support Kurdish demands for full inclusion in the new constitution, and for the resumption of negotiations between the Turkish government and Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK.

Find further information on this delegation and others Peace in Kurdistan has been involved with in the past on our Delegations page.