Dear Jeremy Corbyn

Peace in Kurdistan warmly congratulates you on your convincing victory as the Independent MP for Islington North in the UK General Election of 4 July 2024. It is rare under the British first past the post system that an independent MP achieves success at the ballot box. Your election is a remarkable and a historic achievement though your victory does not surprise us because of your record which speaks for itself. You have always been a tireless campaigner and outstanding activist politician admired and respected by all who are fortunate to know you.

Before and during the election, you were subjected to unprecedented personal abuse and grotesque misrepresentation from the mass media but from within your own party. Your personal character and political record were traduced outrageously by a party machine that squandered major resources and effort into defeating you. These efforts proved fruitless and the fact that they failed so comprehensively makes your victory all the more inspiring.

The people of Islington who voted for you in their thousands could see right through these lies and they put their trust in your integrity, strong advocacy, your dedicated constituency work and your unique record as a campaigner for peace and social justice.

Your victory is a victory not only for the voters in Islington North, but it is a victory shared by people across the country and throughout the world. Justice and truth have won through.

Your re-election will be welcomed across the world by everyone who is fighting for justice and peace.

As Peace in Kurdistan, we are proud to count you as a friend and to have you as a valued patron of our campaign. We thank you for all the work you do to raise the cause of the Kurdish people, alongside all the other international causes to which you have dedicated your political life for over forty years inside Parliament and even longer outside.

During your lengthy career, you have always stood full square in solidarity with those standing up for their rights all over the world and you have raised your voice most effectively against oppression and injustice wherever it exists.

We know without hesitation that your continued presence inside the House of Commons will make a real difference. As an independent you will help shape the debates and argue the case with passion and conviction as you have always done for the causes that you believe in and you will be able to articulate the vision of a better world where peace, justice and humanity prevail.

We look forward to collaborating with you as you take your place as the independent MP for Islington North. You will be, as you always have been, a trusted ally and a true tribune of the people everywhere.

Once again, our sincere congratulations to you and your wife Lara, as well as to all the hundreds of people who campaigned so hard for you in the run up to the election.

You made history on 4th July, and you can be proud of this achievement which lights a beacon of hope internationally. It was a much deserved victory.


Estella Schmid and David Morgan

On behalf of Peace in Kurdistan


Patrons: John Austin; Mike Arnott, President STUC; Baroness Blower of Starch Green, former GS NUT; Prof Bill Bowring; Mickey Brady, MP for Mid Ulster; Julie Christie; Noam Chomsky; Jeremy Corbyn MP;  Maggie Cook, UNISON women activist; Prof Mary Davis; Lord Dholakia; Simon Dubbins, UNITE International Director;  Dr Radha D’Souza, writer;  Desmond Fernandes; Lindsey German, Convenor STWC; Melanie Gingell; Christopher Gingell; Prof Dr. Michael Gunter, Secretary-General, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC); Rahila Gupta author, journalist; Chris Hazzard Sinn Fein MP; Nick Hildyard, policy advisor;  Dafydd Iwan, Former President Plaid Cymru; George Katsiaficas, Greek-American historian and author; James Kelman, novelist; Baroness Helena Kennedy KC;  Jean Lambert, former MEP; Dr Les Levidow, Open University; Gawain Little, GFTU General Secretary; Elfyn Llwyd; John McDonnell MP; Mike Mansfield KC; David Morgan, journalist; Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein MLA; Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley; Dr. Jessica Ayesha Northey; Kate Osamor MP; Margaret Owen OBE; Ali Gul Ozbek, Former Councillor and Mayor of Haringey; Gareth Peirce; Dr Felix Padel, anthropologist;  Maxine Peake, actor; Dr Thomas Phillips, Liverpool John Moores University; Father Joe Ryan; Dr Thomas Schmidt, ELDH Europe; Bert Schouwenburg, International Trade Union Adviser; Roza Salih, Scottish politician; Tony Simpson, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation; Stephen Smellie, PIK Trade Union Liaison Officer; Jonathan Steele, journalist; Chris Stephens SNP MP; Gianni Tognoni, General Secretary Permanent People’s Tribunal; Dr Federico Venturini, Associate Researcher, University of Udine, Italy; Dr Tom Wakefor; Dr Derek Wall; Julie Ward, former MEP; Frances Webber, former Vice-Chair of IRR and barrister

6 July 2024


Peace in Kurdistan

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