Peace in Kurdistan sends its congratulations to you on the Labour Party’s impressive performance in the UK’s general election.

The increase in support for Labour comes as a great personal triumph for yourself and the magnificent campaign that you led. The outcome was a great success for your party which fought on a bold manifesto that offered hope to millions of people, standing up for the many, not the few.

It cannot be forgotten that Prime Minister Theresa May only called the snap early election in the first place because she expected to win a landslide. Your impressive campaign and the optimistic message that politics can be done differently denied Theresa May that victory.

By showing that politics can be done differently you have succeeded in changing the political landscape in Britain.

In courageously putting a clear choice before the electorate and presenting voters with a radical programme that offered a real alternative to continued austerity and widening inequalities, you inspired millions and won huge popular support right across the country.

Although falling short of a majority this time around you have significantly increased Labour’s votes proving that your new brand of optimistic politics is capable of winning mass popular support. This surely will eventually carry you to victory when you can then implement the policies that will help create a more peaceful, safer and fairer world.

The incredible result was due to the high turnout with people coming out to vote for the hope that you articulated in the dozens of mass meetings that you addressed and through the social media which challenged the negative distortions of the tabloid press and mainstream media.

We thank you for giving people hope that the policies of austerity and conflict are not inevitable.

While the inconclusive result allows a damaged Theresa May and the Conservatives to cling onto power temporary, Labour made significant inroads into Tory strongholds by winning seats where it had never won before in places such as Canterbury and Kensington.

Labour picked up support from many first-time voters and inspired young people to go out and vote for your brand of politics.

Labour is far stronger following the election and you have put the party on course to winning a majority Labour government in a forthcoming election which might come within months.

We look forward to seeing you head a future Labour administration in the not too distant future.

We hope to be able to work with you in the new Parliament and for many years to come.

Peace in Kurdistan extends its congratulations to you, your Shadow Cabinet colleagues, to all your party’s candidates and all activists and supporters up and down the country.

Peace in Kurdistan

Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question


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