This German-based Initiative is close to raising €150,000 to build an ecologically-sustainable health and social centre for the people of Kobane. You can still make a donation (see details below):

Nationwide initiative for ecological rebuilding in Kobanê / Rojava,

Assist us – 150.000€ for the ecological arrangement of a health and social center in Kobane as a model for the ecological rebuilding of the Region

The city of Kobanê in Rojava (West Kurdistan / Syria) disengaged itself in January 2015 by / under big sacrifices from the Fascist powers of the IS (“Islamic State”). The IS left a trace of destruction behind itself. 80% of Kobane is still destroyed today. The new local community, which the Syrian- Kurdish population builds up in Rojava, is a prototype for the whole Middle East. It puts into practice equality for all people, democracy, religious freedom, equal rights for women and men and the unity of mankind and nature as a guideline of the sociological development.

Together with the people in Kobanê, more than 150 international voluntary construction workers are currently building up a health and social center, which after completion will be handed over to the local self-administration bodies. It is designed as a model for the ecological rebuilding of the region and connects traditional construction materials with modern technology. The components of the ecological construction planning are:

– Optimal thermal insulation, amongst others by clay bricks, exterior shading, insulation glass windows

– Largely self-sufficient and ecological energy supply, based on photovoltaics, heat pumps, battery storage and emergency power supply

– Providing all rooms with energy-saving LED lighting

– Integration of biological waste water treatment

– Greening of the site for the improvement of the climatic conditions of the environment

The ecological rebuilding as a model for the whole region orientates itself on an extensive circular economy. It is a positive answer to the terror of the IS, the proxy war in Syria and the ruthless exploitation of mankind and nature. We make a contribution, so that human beings need not flee any longer and can come back to their home country. We support the demand of the international petition for a humanitarian corridor “Open the border – Kobanê must live!”

You think, that such a forward-looking project deserves full support? So participate in it and become supporter and bearer of this project! Our nonparty / above party lines initiative has the following aims:

– Collection of 150.000 € until 31st December 2015 for financing the above-mentioned ecological construction measures of the health and social center in Kobanê. Account of the concrete use of the donated money will be given from all sides.

– Every donator will be regularly informed about the course of the project in a newsletter and can participate by / in supporting the project by making own suggestions.

In the medium term, we aim at preparing and carrying out an international workshop for the ecological rebuilding of the region.

We ask for your donation to the following bank account:

„Solidarität International e.V.“:

IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84

BIC: FFVB DEFF (Frankfurter Volksbank)

heading: „Ökologischer Wiederaufbau Kobane“

If you give us your name and address, you will receive a donation receipt. Your donation will exclusively be used for building up the health and social center in Kobanê!

To receive the newsletter or participating in the initiative, please write to the e-mail address.

Signatories ( alphabetically): Aziz Akinci (Göttingen), Dagmar Arnecke (Essen), Dr. med. Günther Bittel (Duisburg), Dr. Iraj Gholami (Göttingen), Ulrich Jochimsen (Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. Christian Jooß (Göttingen), Barbara Kern (Stuttgart), Dr. Gerhard Krauth (Göttingen), Kay Langemeier (Göttingen), Jens Löwe (Stuttgart), NaturFreunde (Göttingen), Eckehard Osimitsch (Gelsenkirchen), Jochen Schaaf,(Stuttgart), Annette Ramaswamy (Göttingen), Dr. M. K. Ramaswamy (Göttingen), Kasim Sener (Lippstadt), Ingrid und Alfred Stratz (Waldkirch-Kollnau), Sabri Ürün (Bochum), Prof. Dr. Cynthia Volkert (Göttingen)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Christian Jooß, Göttingen, eco-health-center@posteo .de