German-based project raise money for health and social centre in Rojava

This German-based Initiative is close to raising €150,000 to build an ecologically-sustainable health and social centre for the people of Kobane. You can still make a donation (see details below):

Nationwide initiative for ecological rebuilding in Kobanê / Rojava,

Assist us – 150.000€ for the ecological arrangement of a health and social center in Kobane as a model for the ecological rebuilding of the Region

The city of Kobanê in Rojava (West Kurdistan / Syria) disengaged itself in January 2015 by / under big sacrifices from the Fascist powers of the IS (“Islamic State”). The IS left a trace of destruction behind itself. 80% of Kobane is still destroyed today. The new local community, which the Syrian- Kurdish population builds up in Rojava, is a prototype for the whole Middle East. It puts into practice equality for all people, democracy, religious freedom, equal rights for women and men and the unity of mankind and nature as a guideline of the sociological development.

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Art for Kobane!


Are you a graphic designer? Videographer? Illustrator? Poet? Painter? MC? Does the Kobane resistance inspire you? If so, we want to hear from you! On the 1st November, a global day of action will take place, calling for the freedom and reconstruction of Kobane and we are looking for artists from across the world to take part, to create and share a piece of their art for Kobane. Hear is the call out from the Kobane Reconstruction Board: 

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