A new book entitled The Kurdish Spring: Geopolitical Changes and the Kurds, published by Mazda, is the latest publication by Professor of Political Science and secretary-general of the EU Turkey Civic Commission, Michael M Gunter, and his colleague Mohammed M.A. Ahmed, Executive Director and founder of the Ahmed Foundation for Kurdish Studies. The book features contributions from scholarly experts such as Michael B. Bishku, Ofra Bengio and Joost Jongerden, who analyse the ‘Kurdish Spring’ as a long-running and growing movement for democracy, cultural, social and political rights and self-determination across Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

The publishers write:

In the midst of all the changes the Arab Spring has brought to the Middle East, the intelligent lay, media, and policy worlds have paid much less attention to what might be called the Kurdish Spring: A sudden Kurdish reawakening with realistic demands for true democracy including cultural, social, and political rights and their immediate implementation. No longer the mere victims of politics, the Kurds have become one of the initiators. Indeed, the once sacrosanct borders separating the Kurds of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran no longer appear certain or secure. The future, as detailed by these 12 chapters, has suddenly become open-ended. It is unlikely that any other such wide-ranging, up-to-date anthology analyzing these events in all four regions of Kurdistan in the Middle East as well as the Kurdish diaspora exists.

The book can be ordered for $40 using this order form (pdf) or by visiting the Mazda Publishers website.