Latest news briefing from the Democratic Unity Party (PYD) in Rojava:


• On the ground events in Western Kurdistan
• Arabic Belt Policy for Rojava again!
• PYD condemns attacks on Damascus
• Various activities
On the ground events in Western Kurdistan
Regime attacks in Dêrik and Segerka village

DÊRIK – Regime forces attacked Dêrik city (al Malakiya) and Segreka village. According to HawarNews Agency (ANHA) a regime helicopter attacked two points in Dêrik and one location in Segerka village. One civilian was killed and several were wounded in Derik (al-Malakiya) and a lot of material damage was caused in Segerka.

YPG: 43 members of al Nusra killed in last 48 hours

The Media Center of YPG (People Protection Units) stated that in the last 48 hours 43 members of the al Nusra Front were killed and 4 armed vehicles destroyed in Çilaxa of Girkê Legê and Serêkaniyê(Ras al Ayn). “ Al Nusra jihadists wanted to attack from Til Xelef however our forces repelled them. InTil Xelef, 21 islamists were killed while 3 armed vehicles were destroyed by YPG fighters. In Til Elo8, in Sefa 5, and in Girhok 9 members of the alNusra were killed.” the media center stated.

400 tons arms shipment sent to opposition through Turkey

Reuters today reported that opposition sources had said four hundred tons of arms had been sent into Syria from Turkey – one of the single biggestshipments to reach rebel brigades – to boost insurgent capabilities against Syrian government forces following the alleged chemical strike.

The U.N. says more than 100,000 people have been killed during the Syrian conflict.

Explosion in Efrîn

EFRÎN – 4 people from the same family lost their lives in an explosion in Efrîn. Local sources report that a bomb exploded on 22th August at 9:30 p.m. in the central street of the city. Arîfe Elî (50) and her children Mûhammed Egîd, Yasemîn Egîd and HûdaEgîd lost their lives.

Arabic Belt Policy for Rojava again!

Besides the attacks of the Syrian regime and al-Qaeda linked armed groups backed by Turkey, cities in western Kurdistan are also facing the 2nd Arabic Belt policy aimed at the arabization of the western Kurdistan territory.

According to a source from the Mehemi region in Qamişlo, radical Islamic groups are trying to changethe demographic structure of Qamişlo city by bringing pro-Islamic Arab population from Syrian cities such as Dera Zore and Aleppo and having them settle in the city.

The source, asking to be mentioned unnamed, says that the armed Islamic groups are buying houses and distributing money to Arab families migrating from Dera Zore and Aleppo in order to bring the region under Arab influence and control. The source notes that 35 houses have been bought and given to these Arab families recently.

According to the source, the armed gang groups have resorted to this method after they failed to achieve a military success in west Kurdistan region.

The Kurdish neighborhoods in Aleppo have also been subject to the same policy under which Islamic groups occupied some 250 houses of Kurdish civilians in Til Abyad where more than 70 people have been massacred and hundreds of others kidnapped recently.

According to the reports by local sources, a number of Arabs who settled in Til Abyad schools after fleeing the Syrian cities Reka, Homs, Hama and Aleppo have been placed in houses of Kurdish civilians who have recently been forced to leave their homes and lands by the armed groups ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) and the al-Nusra Front. The reports say that many Arabs who were staying in al-Nusra Front’s schools have been placed in 250 houses in the Kurdish neighborhoods Cisir, Lel and Eli Bin Talip Cemi.

Hundreds of Kurds were deprived of their identity and registered as “stateless” following the population census in Syria in 1962.

The Kurdish population on the Turkey-Syria borderline has been drawn away from their territory and replaced by Arabs as a result of the ‘Arabic Belt’ policy, which was initiated after the Ba’ath regime, came to power.

Tens of thousands of Arab families were housed in Kurdish cities. The policy has forced more than 150 thousand Kurds to migrate from their lands.

PYD condemns attacks on Damascus

The Democratic Unity Party (PYD) condemns the chemical attacks of the Syrian Army on Damascus and called on international institutions to investigate the attack.

Various activities

Radio Kobanê became the voice of resistance

KOBANÊ- Due to the attacks on Rojava (WestKurdistan) all NGOs, political and media organizations started contributing for the full mobilization of Rojava. Radio Kobanê was one of these institutions and played a significant role during YPG’s (People Defense Units) resistance against attacks from al Nusra and the Free Syrian Army by broadcasting what happens at the fronts.

Xezba Nebî Şêx, one of the radio’s workers, stated that every day they broadcast new programs. ‘We have reported news from YPG’s fronts. We aspireto become the voice of the resistance. Our reporters are ike the fighters, reporting from the fronts says’ says Nebî Şêx.

Women learn sewing in Professional Center for Women​

EFRÎN – The Professional Center for Women, which aims at providing jobs for women, graduated its first batch of students.

The Professional Center for Women which works under Yekîtiya Star (Women Association of Rojava) graduated 50 women after one month of sewing education.

Member of Yekîtiya Star Viyan Efrînî congratulated women and called on women to take place in theeconomy and create their own financial opportunities.

Blood banks in Rojava

HESEKÊ- Health Assembly of Salihiye, with the help of Kurdish Red Crescent (HSK) starts a campaign to store blood in Hesekê.

Due to the embargo on West Kurdistan (northern Syria), hospitals and health centers have difficulties in finding blood. To solve this problem, the Kurdish Red Crescent wants to establish blood banks inRojava. For this, HSK recorded names, addresses and blood types of people who are willing to donate blood.

The Center of Education and Scientific research for Women, the Kurdish Students Confederation andthe Youth Revolutionaries supported the campaign.

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