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We need your contribution!!!!!!
The website is an attempt to communicate the ideology, perspectives and debates of the Kurdish freedom movement with internationalists around the world and to form a platform for revolutionary debates for the construction of alternatives against the system and life in capitalist modernity. The academy invites everybody, especially social and political movements and collectives, to participate and share their knowledge, experience and visions for a world in justice and freedom.

The academy makes the following announcement:

“KOMUN ACADEMY is online!

We are excited to announce (y)our new online academy for democratic modernity: Komun Academy.

The Komun Academy, a virtual space engaged in the real, has been born from the need to re-establish the connection between knowledge and life.
The Komun Academy is not here to merely engage in theoretical discussions or carry out research from the side lines – we refuse to see forms of life as objects of study.
The Komun Academy rather aims to produce knowledge from within, together with, and for the movements in quest for another modernity – a democratic modernity, to use a concept that Abdullah Öcalan has armed us with.
Abdullah Öcalan’s democratic, ecological, and women’s liberationist paradigm constitutes the very foundations of our Academy and its knowledge production that serves the multitudes of subjectivities in the struggle against racism, patriarchy, fascism, colonialism and exploitation.
It is enough to recognise oneself in this struggle inside and against capitalist modernity to participate in our academy in which the hierarchy between the teacher and the student has given way for a continuous co-education of both in the interest of the community rather than in that of state or capital.

Hence, this announcement is therefore also a call for participation.”

You can the visit the website at


Twitter: @KomunAcademy