65 civil society organisations from South Kurdistan sign appeal for Kobane

Kurdish Civil Society Call for Urgent Action on Kobane


July 21, 2014

To: His Excellency Ban Ki –Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

CC: Presidents of the permanent member states of the Security Council of the United Nations

  • President of the People’s Republic of China, President Xi Jinping
  • President of the Republic of France, President François Hollande
  • President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama
  • President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Prime Minister David Cameron

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Appeal to all Kurdistani people, supporters and humanitarian organisations to support Syrian Kurdish region

Appeal for funds from the Kurdish Red Cross. Please do what you can to support humanitarian efforts in Rojava:

Today the Syrian people in general and Kurds in particular are going through a violent proxy war. The Syrian Kurdish region is suffering most severely due to imposed double blockade of both the brutal Assad regime and the armed opposition. People in the Kurdish regions are suffering from lack of essential food and medicine and are becoming isolated in a crippling siege, which is threatening to become a severe humanitarian disaster in these hard winter conditions, the shortage of food, medicines and fuel for heating, bakeries, transports and electrical generators operation for hospitals and medical centres.

This situation is threatening people’s life, because of spread of diseases and lack of medical aids. However the Kurdish regions have been excluded from the international humanitarian aid despite hosting thousands of hundreds of refugees and displaced people from all Syrian war affected towns and cities.

The recent brutal attack targeting civilians in SereKaniye (Ras al Ain) on 16 January 2013 by Selafist armed mercenaries affiliated to terrorist groups, Turkey and others regional powers to destabilise and dragging the relatively peaceful Kurdish region into violent civil war which makes the Kurdish region a violent proxy war zone, targeting the civilians by killing indiscriminately and shelling civilians’  houses and properties which have been destroyed and looted and thousands have forcibly fled in horror and displaced.

We, the Kurdish Red cross crescent an humanitarian relief organisation established in Syrian Kurdish region to support the affected people in need and earnestly call all Kurdistani people, regional and global humanitarian Relief organisations, EU, UN, International community and public opinion to support the Kurdish region people and carry out their duties and responsibilities over the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the region where vulnerable people are losing lives.

Looking forward to your support and contributions to save lives!

Dr Mohamed Mustafa,
Representative of Kurdish Red Cross/ Crescent in the UK.
Mobile: 07872 300836
The objectives of campaign:
– Inviting and asking everyone, all Kurdistani people  and humanitarian relief organisations to contribute in this campaign.
-Organising sub-committee for collecting of donations from businesses, shops, homes, families, individuals.
-Organising a fund raising event in the UK

Britain: Kurdish Red Moon, Address: Fairfax Hall 11 Portland Gardens / London N4 IHU
Registered Charity No: 10 93 741, Company No: 42 85 714

Bank Sort code: 20 46 60

Bank Account No: 40 91 23 87




An Open Letter to the UN Secretary –General: On the Participation of the Kurdish Supreme Council in Geneva II Conference

An open letter by Dr Amir Sharifi, director Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group, based in California, to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:

Los Angles – January 8, 2014

To his Excellency Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group (KHRAG) and various Kurdish Communities in Southern California to express our support for the participation of the Kurdish Supreme Council in the Geneva II conference, scheduled to take place on January, 22, 2014.

We are encouraged by your persistent effort for an international response in the face of the insurmountable difficulties. Syrians are profoundly affected by a deep crisis that threatens to expand with even greater catastrophic regional and global consequences. As you are aware, the tragedy has also had very serious consequences for Kurds who have been discriminated against under the reign of Bashar al-Assad and now face an uncertain and bleak future. While they have been the targets of criminal attacks and threats of Islamists and Al Qaida linked groups on the one hand, Syrian opposition forces of all persuasions have adamantly refused to recognize their most fundamental human rights.

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