KHRAG publishes news bulletin

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group has published a news bulletin, featuring news from the campaign to free Ocalan and more round up of important news from Kurdistan from the last few months. You can download a pdf of the bulletin here (pdf).

Their new website is also full of news, updates and further resources, as well as information on how to add your signature to a growing list of supporters calling for the release of Ocalan from Imrali prison. You can sign the petition by going to their Facebook page – you do not need to be signed up to Facebook to be able to add your name. And then make sure you send it on to family, friends, neighbours and workmates…as many people as you can!

Hip hop and graffiti artists protest TMK

Hip Hop and grafitti have become an international forms of expression for the oppressed across the world, and in Kurdistan it is no exception. Check out these videos from Kurdish hip hop artist SewaT and graffiti artists Twoaf and Harakiri protesting Turkish anti-terror law:


Continue reading “Hip hop and graffiti artists protest TMK”

Hunger Strike in Strasbourg ends after 52 days

Press Statement, 21 April 2012

The 15 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg have ended their hunger strike action today on the 52nd day. At a press conference they declared, that the action has broken a wall of silence. The hunger strikers are also convinced that their demands have been taken seriously by the relevant institutions, and that practical measures will be taken. Continue reading “Hunger Strike in Strasbourg ends after 52 days”

Leyla Zana and MEP’s visit hunger strikers in Strasbourg

In solidarity with the  hundreds of political prisoners on hunger strike in Turkey, 15 Kurds from across Europe have been on a continuous hunger strike for 51 days to protest Abdullah Ocalan’s isolation at Imrali prison. Having had visits from the BDP, letters of support from Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and with an online signature campaign underway, the strikers were finally visited yesterday by 10 members of the European Parliament who joined Leyla Zana and South African Judge Essa Moosa to offer political support and highlight their cause. Continue reading “Leyla Zana and MEP’s visit hunger strikers in Strasbourg”

Support the Kurdish hunger strikers!

Sign the petition to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe!

Peace in Kurdistan is supporting the international on-line petition to demand justice for Kurdish political prisoners. Click here to sign the petition.

Around 400 political prisoners in Turkey began an indefinite hunger strike to demand justice for Abdullah Ocalan and to raise awareness of the continued persecution of the Kurds in Turkey. Just a few weeks later, solidarity actions by hundreds more are taking place across prisons in Turkey and in Europe by Kurdish activists.

You will find information on the origins of the strike, the demands, letters from imprisoned hunger strikers in this information file, which we have made available for download (pdf). You can also read an interview with Fuad Kav, a Kurdish journalist and writer who is participating in the hunger strike in Strasbourg. Continue reading “Support the Kurdish hunger strikers!”

“In Turkey, the biggest terrorist is the state itself” – Fuad Kav

Interview with Fuad Kav

By Martin Dolzer, in Strasbourg

Fuad Kav is a Kurdish journalist and writer. After the military coup 1980 he spent 20 years and 6 months in Turkish prisons and was on many hunger strikes, today he lives in Europe. Many of his friends have died during the hunger strikes in Turkey and many more died as a result of the inhuman prison conditions and torture. Continue reading ““In Turkey, the biggest terrorist is the state itself” – Fuad Kav”

CENI Statement: 400 Kurdish Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Ceni –Kurdish Women’s Peace Office has released a statement in support of the 400 prisoners in Turkish jails who have committed themselves to a hunger strike, which is reproduced below. You can also read a statement by the BDP on the mass hunger strike and solidarity actions, as well as BDP MP Selma Irmak’s letter in full. Continue reading “CENI Statement: 400 Kurdish Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike”

Thousands descend on Strasbourg to demand freedom for Ocalan

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Strasbourg city of France witnessed on Saturday the greatest 15 February protest of the last 13 years.

Sixty thousand people from many countries in Europe have demanded freedom for the Kurdish leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Abdullah Ocalan Öcalan and status for Kurdish people. Ocalan is serving a life prison term in Turkey. ANF news agency reported. Continue reading “Thousands descend on Strasbourg to demand freedom for Ocalan”

Syrian Kurdish opposition groups hold public meeting in parliament


16 February 2012

Members of Syrian Kurdish opposition groups involved in the struggle against the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad gathered on Wednesday at the House of Lords for a public meeting, to discuss the current political and humanitarian crisis in the country, and the role of Kurdish groups in both the ongoing struggle and in a post-Assad future. Continue reading “Syrian Kurdish opposition groups hold public meeting in parliament”