The Summit for Accountability in Social Justice Movements, platformed on and Juneteenth Archive, moderated by Jared Ball and Joy James, will be held Saturday, June 12, 2021, 2-4pm (US eastern). The origins for the 2021 Summit come from organizers and/or impacted families who have watched opportunistic politics and revenue streams emerge from Black freedom movements for decades.

Contributing activists with interlocking struggles: Black Panther Party veteran; parents seeking justice for children killed by state violence; anti-slavery abolitionists; women’s march organizers; recent resistance movement organizers in Louisville, KY and Ferguson, MO; former local chapters of Black Lives Matter Global Network. With their critiques, we discuss past mobilizations, current crises/contradictions, and map strategies for political analyses that increase the stability and security of our communities as we demand and practice accountability in social justice for black liberation.