Originally published: https://www.artidea.org/video-podcast/4622?fbclid=IwAR1PFu5L6zayhhv4fFRNbAGUsT7VVBZixQF3Ug7bEuvMh_ZtuaBMUW5Cixc

What would a truly just system look like? In 2021 we saw a surge in anger and action regarding the state of the prison industrial complex, a system that is unjustly imprisoning Black and brown people, profiting off of their imprisonment, and killing our community members. Abolitionists imagine a different justice system that moves beyond punishment into transformative justice that works for all, not some. Facilitator, theater artist, intuitive coach and Queer Black Mama Kristianna Smith leads this panel discussion envisioning a healthy, functioning alternative to our current penal system.