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Riseup4Rojava has published a book called “Rojava – Peoples in Arms”. The book contains interviews and insights into the revolution in Rojava.

In the introduction of the book, the Rojava Internationalist Commune writes: “With this publication, we want to give an insight into the reality of a fighting people to the widest audience possible, and also show that the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria, contrary to all the rumors and false information spread, continues to stand confidently on its own feet; that the revolution of Rojava, despite all attacks and attempts at destruction, is alive and fighting. Even though more than two years have passed between the beginning of the Turkish invasion and the release of this publication, we are still convinced that this work is an important historical document and a unique testimony of a historical people’s resistance, and that the topic is still relevant today. After all, as we write these lines, Turkish fascism and its allies are working at full speed to unleash another major attack on the liberated territories.”

The book can be downloaded here.


#riseup4rojava – smash Turkish fascism is an internationalist campaign and platform that started in spring 2019.

The group says presenting itself: “We are different organizations, initiatives and campaigns from many countries. With this campaign we are building on our common experiences of internationalist solidarity with the revolution in Rojava, North-East Syria and the Kurdish liberation movement.

With the campaign and the platform, we want to extend this solidarity and bring the different existing organizations, campaigns and initiatives together.”