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Leader Abdullah Ocalan says that the most effective factor to bring a breakthrough in the Asia would be a democratic transition in Afghanistan.

After 23 years of imprisonment of leader Ocalan that still held in tight isolation his views and ideas spread all over the world and transcends all borders

Leader Ocalan links the international plot to both Iraq and Afghanistan invasions stressing that his arrest was the onset.

ANHA carried out an interview with administrator in the feminist RAWA organizations who for security reasons wanted their names be hidden.

1- Can you tell us what is the latest situation in Afghanistan? What is the situation?

Taliban took over majority of Afghan provinces within few days, and it took everyone in surprise. However, for us it wasn’t a surprise. RAWA has repeatedly emphasized that Jihadists, Taliban and ISIS are the filthy procreations of US government and specifically CIA, with the help of Pakistan’s ISI. So the big powers are using their minions whenever they saw their need and substitute them with one or another. Therefore, the victory was gifted to Taliban, and now they have started their brouhaha for taking independence of Afghanistan.

However, this independence is an independence for more insecurity, more poverty, more bloodshed, more ignorance, more misogynous mentality and more destruction, because, this so-called independence has been gifted to the medieval Taliban.

Exactly on the day, when Taliban took over Kabul city, Afghan people, especially youth, rushed to the airport to be evacuated from the country, and the horrific images of people falling from aeroplanes’ wings shocked the world; countless families are leaving all their home and possessions behind and escaping with just a back pack. Although, Taliban announced common amnesty for all, but their target killings have already started. They have killed many of their military opponents, arrested and threatened many more. At least one journalist has been arrested. Women anchors and music have been banned from Afghan TV channels, and many are threatened and humiliated by Taliban militia. Female government employees aren’t allowed to enter their office and are told to stay at home until the government announces for their return. Universities and high schools are closed. In the first two weeks, all banks (governmental and private) were closed for the first two weeks, although, banks are open now, and each account holder can withdraw maximum of Afs. 20,000 or USD 200 per week. An average of 20 percent raise can been seen in the price of basic necessities. People are living in fear and most of them prefer to stay at home. All of entertainment activities are closed.

Taliban spokesmen have repeatedly expressed to the world media that in their future regime, women can work, study or travel, following the Islamic laws. Currently, they are trying to act moderate, to be recognized by the international community and to be accepted by Afghan citizens. However, Afghan people, especially women, don’t trust them, because, they know their dark history and their recent brutalities against women. Afghan women haven’t forgotten the execution of Zarmina in Kabul sports stadium back in their first period of rule or other restrictions against women. Afghan women know it very well that all girls schools, and in some areas the boys school as well, were closed in their areas of control, and they had burned many of girl’s school. They know that Taliban have killed many woman activists and even the nurses and vaccinators. Afghan women have seen that in the recent years, Taliban have killed and flogged women in their areas of control.

Currently, all schools, universities and educational centers both for women and men are closed. Women government employees have been to their offices, but they were not allowed inside by Taliban militias on the gates. When Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban media man, was asked about this issue, he responded that the situation is not right for the women to attend the offices and they have to be until the government announces for their return. Few women can be seen on the streets and all of them avoid wearing tight and bright colored outfits. At first, they announced that girls and boys can share the same class in the universities, but a curtain should be in the middle of the class to separate the two genders, now, they announced that the classes should be totally separated.

2- Do women organize against the Taliban? Do they take the Rojava Women’s revolution as an example in organization?

Yes, we witnessed a surge of protests of women against Taliban in different cities of the country, and then men also joined them. RAWA and Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) are the only two organizations which let the people of Afghanistan know about the epic struggle of Rojava Women and especially of Kobani. While Afghan media were totally ignoring or censoring the news about resistance of YPJ and YPG against ISIS, we were the sole organizations to speak about it in media and hold rallies to express our solidarity with people of Kurdistan. Later on, in these recent protest, women started to talk about Kobani female fighters and considered them as their source of inspiration

3- There is sincerely and unfortunately for Rojava. It is also the anniversary of the invasion of Serekaniye and Gire Spin in on October 9, 2019. How do you evaluate the situation in Rojava? How do you deal with the attacks of nation states against peoples?

The legendary warriors of YPG and YPJ are the biggest obstacle against the ISIS savages and fascist government of Turkey, and their resistance changed the whole scene in the Northern Syria. If the people Rojava hadn’t stood against these medieval forces, today ISIS would have been a strong force in the region continuing with their brutalities. Of course, Turkey led by the Hitler of our times, Erdogan, is acting as the godfather of ISIS in the region. We think the forms of states aren’t important, they can choose any name or type of governance for them to continue with their plunders. If a country is ruled by a bunch of criminals, oppressors and fascists, it is not important what form of governance they choose, they oppress the whole nation, whether they belong to their own ethnic group or not. Lets take the example of Turkey. The Turkish fascist government is claiming to a nation state, and is committing many against Kurds, Armenians and Assyrians; but are the Turks living in prosperity? We all know that Turkey’s prisons are full of Turk revolutionaries and the left and progressive parties in Turkish majority areas are also under pressure from the fascist government. It is not that only the other ethnic groups are living in poverty, but all of Turks are enjoying a happy life.

4- Leader Abdullah Öcalan predicted what happened in Afghanistan. And especially for the Afghan people, Leader Abdullah Öcalan described them as an interesting people. How do you interpret Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s assessment for the Afghan people in this way?

What has happened in Afghanistan isn’t something new. The people of Afghanistan are suffering from war, bloodshed and fundamentalism since last four decades. And when we say people, we mean all ethnic groups which includes Hazaras, Tajiks, Pashtuns, Uzbeks, Nuristanis, Pashaeis and many other groups. They all have suffered the same. In the last four decades, our people are suffering due to two occupations of super powers, USSR and then USA/Nato, and the meddling of regional countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States and Turkey. And of course, they have inflicted their crimes through their Afghan proxy forces who are from every ethnic group. So in Afghanistan, the oppressed people are from every ethnic group and the same goes for oppressors.

We don’t know what Leader Abdullah Öcalan meant when he described Afghans as interesting people? Anyway, we believe that the people of every country have their strong and weak points. However, what is certain that where is oppression there is resistance! Whether it is Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Latin America, USA or Africa.

5- How can you be taken as a basis for Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s democratic Nation for all peoples?

Although, Kurdistan and Afghanistan have similarities such as geography, culture, language, religion and etc. but the political situations are different. Therefore, the people of every region have to find their own way and solutions to take forward the revolution in their countries

6- Will Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s paradigm bring a solution for Afghanistan?

The political situation in Afghanistan is different from Kurdistan, and Afghan people led by progressive and revolutionary party should find their own tactics and strategy to start the revolution here.

7- People accept Leader Abdullah Öcalan as their leader because of his paradigm and life. Do the Afghan people accept Leader Abdullah Öcalan as their leader?

The progressive and left forces in Afghanistan respect Leader Abdullah Öcalan like many other revolutionary figures around the world. We respect Mr. Öcalan for founding a revolutionary party which has strong roots within the masses. We respect him for his resistance against the fascist regime of Turkey, and the importance that he give to the role of women in the revolution.

8- On October 9, a conspiracy was set up against Leader Abdullah Öcalan. How do you evaluate this land?

This is not the first time that Turkish fascist regime is setting up conspiracy against Mr. Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish revolutionary forces. Sometimes, the fascist regime even released fake statements from Mr. Öcalan, asking the Kurdish revolutionaries to lay down their arms. However, as mentioned earlier, he has founded such a strong progressive movement in Kurdistan that no conspiracy can divert them from the path of revolution and ultimate victory.

9- What was the purpose of international states with this enlargement?

Most of the times, Western governments have ignored the plight of Kurdish people and crimes inflicted by Erdogan’s fascist government on them. These government only pay attention to their geopolitical and economic interests, and are ready to have collaboration with any dictator governments, despite calling their governments symbols of democracy and human rights.

10- Now, aggravated isolation is being imposed on Leader Abdullah Öcalan. How do you evaluate this isolation?

The fascist government of Erdogan is using different dirty methods to perish and silence the Kurdish progressive movement, and isolation of Leader Abdullah Öcalan is part of that filthy plan. They are thinking that by perishing Mr. Öcalan, they might silence the revolutionary and progressive movement as well, but they are wrong. The reactionary forces in Afghanistan murdered RAWA’s leader, Meena, thinking that they will end up her feminist revolutionary organization, but they were wrong.