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Musician Nathan Felix said in a message that he is “deeply inspired by the Rojava Revolution”.

19 July 2023 | ANF

Music composer Nathan Felix sent a message to mark the 11th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

The Mexican-American composer is known for his immersive operas and experimental films.

This is the full text of his message: “Hello, this is music composer Nathan Felix. I am honored and humbled to be joining you virtually from Brooklyn, New York for the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

I am deeply inspired by the Rojava Revolution. To me, the Rojava Revolution is synonymous with heroic resistance.  This is an important social revolution in establishing a new order with a new existence and the possibility to have new ethics and a new ethical way of thinking. I personally connect with your emphasis on women’s empowerment and gender equality and a socially-oriented cooperative economy. These concepts have inspired my art and my art has given me a platform to share this with other people.

I feel honored to be included in the art movement surrounding the Kurds and also Abdullah Öcalan. Apo is an artist with his words and his teachings. As an artist, I feel it is important to use my musical voices in the fight against injustice and oppression. It is my small contribution to contribute to a global struggle against oppression and inequality, and I hope to ≥l,oki to build connections with you and others who share these values.

I commend you on your spirit and resilience. Perhaps I can join you in person in 2024 for the next anniversary.”

Öcalan, an opera

In 2020, Felix released Öcalan, a chamber opera inspired by Kurdish political activist, Abdullah Öcalan.

In Felix’s own words, the opera “is an expression of admiration for the spirit of the Kurds, inspired by their resilience, resistance and belief in the joy of life.

The remarkable awakening of the consciousness and political activism of the Kurdish people in recent years has been engendered by the remarkable leadership and writings of Abdullah Öcalan.

Despite enduring decades of incarceration removed entirely from the world, his people and denied all human contacts, Öcalan still communicates through his words and as a living example of the essential strength of the Kurdish spirit.”