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38 Years After August 15, Genocidal Colonialism Will Finally Be Defeated

We salute Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], who launched the August 15 offensive, thereby awakening the Kurdish people from their death sleep and thus putting them back on their feet. In this sense, we congratulate everyone on this festival of rebirth. By commemorating the great commander Agit, we also commemorate all our martyrs who were part of this offensive and wish all those who were injured in the guerrilla struggle success for their future work. We congratulate our people, all freedom fighters and all our revolutionary-democratic friends on the festival of rebirth. Through the spirit of August 15, our people have discovered their love for freedom. The struggle of our people will definitely result in a free Kurdistan, a democratic Turkey and a democratic Middle East.

With the spirit of the July 14 prison resistance, the August 15 guerrilla offensive initiated the uprising of a people for its existence – at a time when September 12 fascism ruled over Kurdistan and Turkey. At that time, genocidal colonialism was firmly convinced that the Kurdish people’s will for freedom would not flourish again. At that very time, with a selfless spirit, an era of revolutions was ushered in – not only for the people of Kurdistan, but for all the peoples of the Middle East. August 15 was, above all, the first bullet fired at the backwardness created by genocidal colonialism in the Kurdish society. Through this first bullet, a first revolution was triggered, which in the further course led to many great national, political, social, democratic and cultural revolutions. This created the present reality of the Kurdish people, which has carried out all these revolutions.

Even though August 15 represents a military action and an offensive of guerrilla warfare, it will go down in history as a day that led to great revolutions. These revolutions triggered by the August 15 guerrilla offensive will fundamentally change Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East in the 21st century. Their impact will continue to be felt in the centuries to come. The outstanding revolutionary personality of Rêber Apo – the creator of August 15 – and of the great commander Agit – the initiator of August 15 – helped August 15 to have such an impact. As long as the method and the spirit with which the August 15 offensive was created and started is taken as a basis, no one will be able to stop the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom. With this method and spirit, the freedom struggle of our people will lead to success. The guerrilla war has been going on since August 15, 1984, for 37 years. Great blows have been dealt to the enemy since then. Thus, it was prevented that the genocidal colonialism reaches its goals. The most significant development is the reality of the people that has emerged since then. The greatest goal of the August 15 offensive was to create a people fighting for its freedom. By creating the most democratic and revolutionary people in the Middle East on the basis of women’s liberation, this goal has largely been achieved. By creating such a people that insists on and fights for its freedom, the foundation for success and its decisive factor has been created. From now on, through the creation of a free people and a free country, success will continue and go down in history. Accordingly, history will continue to be written. With the spirit of July 14 and the offensive revolutionary method of August 15, the struggle will continue to gain strength. Thus, a free Kurdistan, a democratic Turkey and a democratic Middle East will become a reality very soon. Despite all its attacks, the genocidal and colonialist Turkish state – the leader of the hostility against Kurds and democracy – does not succeed in achieving its goals. Because it collides with the reality of the people, which was created by the August 15 offensive and the freedom of women, and collapses. The August 15 offensive began under huge difficulties and with the most meager means. At the same time, in the course of the past 37 years, under these arduous and meager conditions, great successes have been achieved and very important achievements have been made for our people. Although the Turkish state uses all its means and continues its attacks uninterruptedly, it does not achieve its desired results. With each passing day, it is losing strength. Today, it is on the verge of collapse.

The selfless resistance of the women and men in the guerrilla, led with the spirit of July 14 and strengthened by the fighting method of August 15, has prevented the genocidal and colonialist Turkish state’s attacks on the Medya Defense Zones, which have been going on for three and a half months, from achieving success.

The Kurdish people, who have gained strength through great revolutions in the past 37 years, and the guerrilla, which has become the most historically experienced force through their experiences gained in the course of the war that has lasted for 37 years, will bring about even greater developments in the 38th year of their struggle. We salute the guerrilla that is resisting with this consciousness and firmly believe that in the 38th year of war it will finally defeat genocidal colonialism through its heavy blows.

13 August 2021


KCK Executive Council