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We congratulate the international working class, all working people, peoples and women who are fighting for freedom and democracy on May Day – the day of unity, struggle and solidarity. We firmly believe that all oppressed groups of society, especially the workers, the entire working population, peoples and women, will take to the streets on May Day and celebrate this day with enthusiasm. This year’s May Day will lead the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world to further strengthen their unity and solidarity and intensify their common struggle for freedom against all oppression.

May Day is a very significant day when the working people fighting against oppression, the peoples and all oppressed people unite and express their feeling, consciousness and struggle for freedom in solidarity with each other. Throughout its history, humanity has continuously struggled against class-based civilization; a struggle that continues today. May Day is a part of the struggle that humanity is waging against exploitation. It is a contemporary expression of this historical struggle. Accordingly, May Day represents a universal day on which humanity, dreaming of freedom and equality and fighting precisely for this, expresses its passion for these values.

The central feature of May Day is that it has been achieved through struggle. Therefore, on this day, all workers, the entire working population, all peoples and women must not only clearly express their demands, but openly take a stand against oppression, tyranny, fascism and exploitation and thus make May Day a day of struggle. No value and no achievement can be achieved without a struggle. It is undoubtedly the working class, peoples and women who know this best since since they lead their lives based on their own efforts. So if the capitalist system of exploitation is going through a serious crisis today, it is the result of this very struggle. And the collapse of capitalist modernity and the end of exploitation will also only be achieved through struggle.

The system of capitalist modernity is the strongest of all the systems of exploitation that have existed so far. The male-hegemonic system of exploitation, which began with the exploitation of women and nature, has reached its climax with capitalist modernity. For this system – based on its mentality oriented towards maximum exploitation and profit – leaves nothing untouched for its exploitation. It has destroyed not only all humans and the values they have created, but also the entire natural environment and the complete planet as a result of its limitless exploitation and profit mentality, thus destroying all the foundations of life.

The system of capitalist modernity is an enemy of society. It keeps expanding its limitless profit and exploitation by breaking society into many parts. The weakening of society and its ultimate destruction constitutes a fundamental goal of capitalist modernity. For wherever society exists, neither capitalism nor any other system of exploitation can exist. Society opposes exploitation and does not tolerate it. With the help of society, humanity has managed to create all its material and immaterial values. Capitalist modernity, on the other hand, because of its limitless exploitation mentality, considers society as an enemy and attacks it accordingly. It considers the destruction of society as a basic prerequisite for its own existence. Therefore, society has lost much of its power due to the system of capitalist modernity. This has led to the fact that today there are practically no values left that are not being exploited and turned into money. It is therefore extremely important that everyone becomes even more aware of the anti-social character of capitalist modernity and works to strengthen or rebuild society in order to put an end to the current system of exploitation.

Capitalist modernity promotes a boundless development of individualism and positions the individual against society. In doing so, it weakens society and ultimately destroys it. By depriving the individual of its proper place, capitalist modernity destroys society. It plays with the human`s world of feeling and meaning and weakens it. Thus, it degrades man to a being alienated from society, deprived of all meaning and feelings, individualistic and egoistic. It is therefore all the more important not to assume that the human being and life that resemble robots exist in another place or in the future, but to recognize them in the individualism created by capitalist modernity, deprived of any meaning and feelings.

Today we live in a time of capitalist consumer society, where only consumption is considered a value. Such a life, in which nothing real is created and only consumption is considered valuable, is an expression of how deeply humanity has fallen. In order to free ourselves from this situation, it is necessary to fight against the mentality of capitalist modernity on the basis of social feelings and ideals until it is destroyed.

The most fundamental principle of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement is to be against exploitation. The PKK is a result of the heritage of the socialist struggle and has continued this struggle uninterruptedly since its emergence. For the interests of capitalist modernity, the Kurdish people have been subjected to tyranny and exploitation of which there are few comparable examples in history. While Kurdistan was divided, the Kurdish people have been subjected to denial, annihilation and genocide. As a result, Kurdistan and the Kurdish people have been subjected to a system of total exploitation. Therefore, the struggle for freedom started by the PKK in Kurdistan represents one of the most important and significant awakenings historically and currently. Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] built the PKK and committed himself to the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan because he is deeply attached to values such as equality, freedom and socialism. This attachment to equality, freedom and socialism consitutes the foundation of the PKK. Many of the leading PKK cadres are socialists and revolutionaries from Turkey. All these comrades have realized that the socialist struggle for equality and freedom lies in liberating the Kurdish people from genocide and colonialism. Based on this feeling, they have joined the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish people are fighting not only for themselves, but for all peoples and for all humanity. A clear example of this is the fight against IS. Through their fight against IS, the PKK and the Kurdish people have taken responsibility for the values of the peoples of the Middle East and all humanity, while making heavy sacrifices. Today, they continue to play this role by fighting against AKP-MHP fascism, which is the enemy of all peoples and all humanity.

The revolutionaries and working people of Turkey have made great sacrifices in the struggle against exploitation, thereby creating an important tradition and legacy for this struggle. On May 1, 1977, 34 revolutionaries lost their lives in Taksim Square in an attack by the dark forces of the state. By remembering the Şehits [fallen] of May 1, 1977, we commemorate all May 1 Şehits. We attach enormous importance to their memory and hereby declare that we will continue their struggle. The Şehits of May 1, 1977 in Taksim Square made a very important contribution to the creation of values such as democracy and freedom and to the their tradition.

As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we have always seen ourselves as a part of the working class of Turkey and the struggle for equality, freedom and democracy, which was created by the working class and the working people of the country. The liberation of all oppressed people in Turkey, especially the working class, is only possible with the help of the common struggle of the Kurdish people and the socialist and democratic forces of the country. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the struggle of the democratic forces of Turkey and the freedom struggle of Kurdistan become united even more.

AKP-MHP fascism pursues an anti-Kurdish policy and continuously carries out occupation and annihilation attacks against the Kurdish people. It tries to attack and occupy everywhere where Kurdish achievements have been made. In addition to the occupation of parts of Rojava, it is now also occupying South Kurdistan. The goal of AKP-MHP fascism is to complete the genocide of the Kurds. It is using the values created by the working people and the peoples of Turkey to wage war against the Kurdish people. Therefore, everyone must take a clear position against the AKP-MHP led war against the Kurdish people and the occupation that goes along with it. Because the Kurdish question is not solved in Turkey, the solution of the other problems of the country is also impossible. Because the solution of the Kurdish question requires a democratic mentality and attitude. We firmly believe that the working people, all workers, peoples, women and oppressed groups of society will take to the streets on this year’s May Day to express their protest and take a clear stand against the attacks and occupation carried out by AKP-MHP fascism. The Kurdish people will also strengthen their unity with the labor and democracy struggle in Turkey and thus overthrow AKP-MHP fascism and achieve the democratization of the country.

AKP-MHP fascism is not only an enemy of the Kurds, but just as much an enemy of the whole society, all peoples, women, workers and the whole working population. AKP-MHP is the reason for all current problems in Turkey. Therefore, all those who stand against tyranny and for equality and freedom must unite against AKP-MHP fascism and fight together against their common enemy. It is imperative to achieve this unity and to overthrow the AKP-MHP.

We call on all peoples, women, workers and the entire working population to take to the streets on this year’s May Day and thereby strengthen their unity, openly take a stand against AKP-MHP’s occupation attacks and show solidarity with the Kurdish people.

30 April 2022


KCK Executive Council