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as the Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK), we have been informing you regularly about the latest developments regarding the Turkish occupation attack on South Kurdistan (North Iraq) which started in April 23, 2021. In recent days, there have been new important developments that we would like to share with you below:

  • On October 16, interviews with three members of the guerrilla were published who survived an attack of the Turkish army with chemical weapons. In the interviews, the guerrilla members talk about the attack on September 3 against their position in the Girê Sor area of the Avaşîn region of South Kurdistan. They also provide detailed information on the kinds of chemical weapons being used and their effects.
  • On October 11, the People`s Defense Forces (HPG) released a video of an attack on Turkish soldiers in the Werxele area of the Avaşîn region. The attack took place on September 11, 2021. In the video, you can see clearly a variety of equipment being used by the Turkish army for its attacks with chemical weapons on tunnel positions of the guerrilla.
  • On October 12, the HPG published the names of five members of the guerrilla who were killed as a result of a Turkish attack with chemical weapons. The attack took place on October 5 in the Werxele area of the Avaşîn region.
  • Andrew Feinstein, director of Shadow World Investigations and world-renowned expert on global arms trade, called the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army a war crime in an interview published on October 16. He called for the international community to take immediate steps against the violation of international agreements by Turkey.
  • The South Kurdish NGO `Christian Peacemaker Teams – Iraqi Kurdistan` has recently updated its report on the effects of the Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan. Regarding a Turkish attack on the South Kurdish village of Hirure on September 4 it states: “Reports suggest that Chemical Weapons or White Phosphorus were used by Turkey in the attack.”

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