Dr. Jeff Miley of Peace in Kurdistan interviews Nilüfer Koç about the Kurdish struggle for self-determination.

Ms. Nilüfer Koç, born in Ardahan, northern Kurdistan, is member of the Executive Council and spokesperson for the Commission on Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK).Her current primary political focus is the improvement of national dialogue amongst political parties and civil society organisations in Kurdistan, and she spent most of the period from 2013 to 2018 in southern Kurdistan (Kurdistan-Iraq) and Rojava/North East Syria. Parallel to national unity efforts, Ms. Koç is also active in the international arena in raising awareness of the right to self-determination for the Kurdish people and all ethnic and religious components of Kurdistan, and she is interested and engaged in the active and autonomous participation of women in all fields of society and politics. Ms. Koç came to Germany in 1976 as a child of Kurdish migrant workers and studied Biology and Political Science at the University of Bremen.


Dr. Jeff Miley is a Lecturer of Political Sociology and Fellow of Darwin College at the University of Cambridge. He can be contacted at: thomas.j.miley@gmail.com


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