Eleven police forces equipped with gas grenades, water cannons, truncheons and tanks descended onto Amed last Saturday and clashed with Kurdish protesters calling for the release of Abdullah Ocalan.

As Firat News reports:

Police severely attacked the people joining the “Freedom for Öcalan” rally in Diyarbakır on 14 July.

TOMA type vehicles, gas bombs and pressure water was used against the mass in the meeting area. Many people, including dozens of children, three Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies and Mayor Osman Baydemir were reported injured in attacks.

Thousands of people who had gathered at five separate points broke the police barricade around the meeting area where clashes were reported to last for long hours.

Police attacked the people at many points in the city where some main streets were closed to traffic by groups of young demonstrators chanting slogan for Öcalan’s freedom. Demonstrators respond to police with stone and fireworks.

BDP deputies Mülkiye Birtane, Ayla Akat and Pervin Buldan were also injured as a result of police attack. Injured deputies were taken to hospital.

People in Şehitlik area had to leave their houses because of the gas bombs which targeted houses. Dozens of children were taken into custody by police after being subjected to brutal violence on streets.