29 August 2011 / ANF News

In an interview with Özgür Politika Chomsky says European institutions could help the process of dialogue in Turkey.

Linguist Noam Chomsky remarked that it would bring disaster to solve the Kurdish issue by military means, saying; “There s a need to put the legitimate demands of Kurds on the agenda and to conduct sincere negotiations”.

Noam Chomsky, considered as one of the world’s greatest living thinkers, stated that the Kurdish issue in Turkey is fundamentally ‘a matter related with the human and citizen rights of the Kurdish people who have been exposed to brutal oppression for a very long time’.

Speaking to the Özgür Politika newspaper, Noam Chomsky called on the Turkish state to give up the search of solving the Kurdish problem with military methods. Pointing out that negotiations would be the only way to stop conflicts and prevent the issue get more violent, Chomsky remarked that international institutions and the European Union could make such a process easier. However, the relevant institutions should make a choice in terms of taking a role for the solution, added Chomsky.

Commenting that the silence of Western governments about the civilian deaths in Kortek region of Kandil is quite ‘normal’, Chomsky emphasized that the relevant powers often make a direct and serious contribution to such crimes.

Drawing attention to the role of the United States in the Kurdish issue, Chomsky said the followings; “While the Kurdish territory was experiencing a terrible savagery in the 1990s, the Western military aid moved this cruelty to a higher extent. The U.S. military assistance to Turkey in 1997 exceeded the supports given since the beginning of operations conducted for the suppression of the uprising. Besides, I don’t count Israel and Egypt here as they need to be evaluated in a separate category. And almost all of the crimes committed during that period were covered.” D.F. – ANF / News desk, 29 August 2011