The Revolution in Kurdistan is a Women´s Revolution!

march 08, 2022

As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we celebrate March 8, the World Day of Working Women. Based on the belief that the liberation of women will guarantee the liberation of all oppressed people and humanity, we welcome the struggles of all women. We emphasize once again that we, as the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, will always stand by the side of women.

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Let’s build up World Democratic Women’s Confederalism!

On the occasion of International Women’s Day we commemorate all women that lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and equality. The memory of women like Sakine Cansız, Rosa Luxemburg, Meena Kewshwar, Berta Caceres, Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, Maita Gomez, Emily Davison and many, many more continues to light our path of resistance. On March 8, 2022, as the Kurdistan Women’s Movement, we send our revolutionary greetings to all freedom-seeking women and recommit to transforming our century into the age of women’s liberation.

If we look at the past year we can see both gains like in India or Colombia as well as setbacks like in Afghanistan and Poland. This is not unusual. Quite the contrary, in this period of women’s history gains and losses go hand in hand. Because while on the one hand women’s pursuit for freedom and equality is rising, the patriarchal system tries to counter this most dynamic struggle of our age by organizing and mobilizing misogyny and sexism. The systematic attack by fundamentalist forces on women’s rights under the mask of religion or moralism, the targeted killing of female community leaders, increased sexual and physical violence are expressions of this patriarchal aggressive war, which aims to prevent the women’s revolution from happening.

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