march 08, 2022

As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we celebrate March 8, the World Day of Working Women. Based on the belief that the liberation of women will guarantee the liberation of all oppressed people and humanity, we welcome the struggles of all women. We emphasize once again that we, as the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, will always stand by the side of women.

Women’s work has made a decisive contribution to the development of humanity and society. Because she has created the social nature of life. Without this contribution of women, the development of humankind and the creation of values would not have been possible. In this sense, humanity owes all positive developments to woman. Woman’s nature of standing up for a free life, attaching meaning and value to life and not allowing exploitation is the true expression of free life and truth. Therefore, a meaningful, right and free life is possible with women’s freedom and the free representation of women’s will.

Because of her key position for a free life without exploitation, throughout history women have been the target of the patriarchal pursuit of power and have been oppressed and pushed out of life through violence, deception and cunning. Through the oppression of women, society suffered a huge setback. Inequality, class and dependency relations between people emerged and the path to a life of exploitation was paved. However, the strong connection of women to the development of life and the creation of society could not be destroyed. Accordingly, women continued to play the crucial role in the development of humanity.

Today, the attacks of capitalist modernity on women have reached a historical peak. Through the dissolution of sociality, unlimited exploitation is to be made possible. This approach of capitalist modernity is absolutely contrary to the attitude of women, because it represents the absolute opposite of promoting the social nature of life and freedom. Therefore, the system of capitalist modernity seeks to subject women to exploitation, to degrade them, to use them, and thus to deprive them of their true role. Everything that capitalist modernity has created in the name of knowledge, science, technology, art, culture and humanity has become an ideological veil of oppression and distortion of female identity. The suffering, oppression, violence and exploitation of women are thus covered up and presented as ‘freedom’. But women, with their evolving consciousness and ideology of women’s liberation, are tearing the mask off the face of capitalist modernity a little more every day. The struggle for women’s liberation, based on the understanding that real freedom means overcoming capitalist modernity, remains true to its line and paves the way for the liberation of humanity from exploitation, oppression and violence. The liberation of humanity relies on women’s freedom. As a freedom movement, we therefore call on all progressive humanity to show even more solidarity with women.

Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] developed the ideology of women’s liberation and made the greatest contribution by laying the theoretical and philosophical foundations for women’s liberation. In addition, he made enormous practical efforts to organize women and develop their self-determination and struggle. While Rêber Apo was creating these opportunities for women, he was working for the man to end his relations of power and dependence and to change according to the line of freedom. Rêber Apo succeeded in becoming a true friend and comrade of women. He brought women together with their freedom. Today, women all over the world are leading the struggle for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we would like to express our gratitude to the women of the world for their support for Rêber Apo and for their struggle and efforts to secure his release.

The Kurdish freedom revolution draws its strength and motivation and will from the reality of the free woman. Rêber Apo created the Kurdistan freedom revolution on this basis. Therefore, the revolution in Kurdistan is a women’s revolution. The development of women’s organization, their organized struggle and their liberation are the most important goals of the revolution in Kurdistan. Thanks to the struggle led by women, the fascist AKP/MHP regime is on the verge of collapse today. With the collapse of this regime, the rule of fascism and patriarchy will end and the democratization of Turkey and the Middle East and the liberation of Kurdistan will become possible. Based on this conviction, we would like to once again congratulate all the women of the world on March 8. We know that through the liberation of women, all humanity will be liberated. We would like to wish all women success for their struggles.


KCK Executive Council