Happy New Year
The New Year has started. For Turkey, the Kurds & the Middle East, the question is whether dictatorships and wars will dominate the year or whether the slogan Jin Jiyan Azadî will bring peace and freedom to the peoples. The EUTCC remains committed to the aspirations for democracy.

Statement on Paris Attack
The EU Turkey Civic Commission condemns the attack in the strongest terms and demands a complete clarification which is also necessary for the Paris attack in 2013. Generating the narrative of a mentally ill, racist lone perpetrator is dangerous. The European Union, and France in particular, must take a clear stance against all acts of terrorism by Turkey on European soil.

Statement on Paris Attack

Bianet Male Violence Monitor December 2022 Report
– 19 women killed
– 65 women subjected to violence
– 6 women raped
– 16 women harassed


Human Rights Defenders Prison Report 2022
According to the Penal Statistics Report published by the Council of Europe, Turkey is the only country in Europe with a prison population of more than 300,000 between 2011 and 2021, while the incarceration rate increased by 89.3%.

‘CİSST 2021 Yılı Hapishaneler Raporu’ yayında!

Statement by HDP Foreign Affairs Spokespersons ⁦Feleknas Uca⁩ and ⁦Hişyar Özsoy on the HDP MP Semra Güzel’s dismissal from her parliamentary seat
We will not get used to such sheer unlawfulness. Dr. Güzel continues her struggle for democracy, justice and freedom from within a prison cell.


Our statement on the court ruling against Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu
The court ruling against Istanbul’s mayor İmamoğlu is unacceptable. It is a reflection of autocratic change that should be stopped immediately. In this context, it should be emphasised that dozens of mayors and deputies as well as thousands of members of the HDP are in prison.

EUTCC Commentaries #21
Kurdistan under new qttacks
by Terry Saltsmann and Prof. Michael Gunter


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