“Free Them All” rough mix

It’s been a wonderful several days at Big Red Studio with a bunch of stellar musicians — one more chapter in an ongoing project, which will be a mixed and mastered album by early 2022.  This is a rough mix of one of the tracks, about political prisoners in the USA.  If you follow my podcast, This Week with David Rovics, you can find this mix as an MP3 download, too.  There’s a video coming, too, which is already in process…

“All That Didn’t Change With 9-1-1”

All things considered, the main thing that changed on September 11th, 2001 was the narrative. What didn’t change were any of the main circumstances that led up to the attacks.  Here’s a song I just wrote on the subject.  Listen to the audio or download MP3 via the podcast, This Week with David Rovics.

Dream Guitar Fund

After lusting after a guitar for two decades, it seems clear that the only way I’ll ever end up with a Collings is if I’m not the one paying for it.  So here’s my Dream Guitar Fund.  If I should have one of my own to play with, I’ll leave that up to you.


I fly to London in just under one month, and booking the tour is definitely going slowly, due to circumstances…!  However, I have one new gig to report since my last missive, in Berlin.  More will be added soon, I’m sure.  If you’re in England, Scotland, Germany, or Ireland, I’d love to hear from you about other gig possibilities.

25  Concert on the web

19  Birmingham, England
21  Stourbridge, England
22  Liverpool, England
30  Newcastle, England

1  Brighton, England
5  Edinburgh, Scotland
10  Berlin, Germany
12  Dachau, Germany
13  Munich, Germany

More info:  davidrovics.com/tour