This webinar will be about the legacy of Walter Rodney’s revolutionary work as an historian of the lives of ordinary working peoples.  The event is hosted by Anti-Imperialists for Global Justice, and will bring together speakers from Rodney’s native Guyana, Jamaica, the US, the UK and Rwanda.

The event will be livestreamed on YouTube on Saturday 26 June, from 5:00-8:00pm UTC+1. To join the livestream on the day, go to or sign up on Facebook:

Walter Rodney & Working Peoples’ Histories explores the path Walter Rodney forged through his revolutionary approach to finding and then recovering the ‘peoples’ history’ from the colonial archive.  Rodney’s examinations of working peoples history stretched from Guyana to Jamaica, from path-breaking works on the system of Atlantic Slavery to the underdevelopment and scarring of Continental Afrika, and back again.   And from the time of his assassination in 1980: this path has given rise to new, penetrative histories of the Guyanese, other Caribbean and Continental Afrikan working peoples, written from below, which we aim to celebrate here.” 

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Walter Rodney and Working Peoples' Histories Programme

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