When: Sep 23, 2021 08:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna; 07:00 PM London

Topic: “Killing the Man”

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“Killing the man is the basic principle of socialism”

Affirming that society cannot be liberated without women’s liberation, the women’s freedom struggle became the essential dynamic of the social revolution in Kurdistan. Encouraged by the perspectives and analyses of Abdullah Öcalan since the early 1990’s women have organised themselves autonomously in all fields of life and struggle. Hereby they challenged patriarchal mentality and structures in society as well as within the movement. Furthermore Abdullah Öcalan also called upon men – in particularly his male comrades – to take responsibility and to overcome patriarchal approaches and transform their personalities. In this context he elaborated the concept of “killing the man” as a basic principle of socialism which is equivalent to killing power, one-sided domination and intolerance.

In the webinar we want to share and discuss the following questions:

What are the foundations of Abdullah Öcalan’s concept “killing the man”?
What does it mean in theory and practice?
What meaning does this concept have in the struggle towards a democratic, ecological society on the basis of women’s liberation in Kurdistan and worldwide?
How can men be empowered to overcome patriarchal conditioning and attitudes?
How can men develop the will to change?

With Ann-Kristin Kowarsch. She is member of the Jineolojî Academy. The main focus of her works has been on popular education programs and collective, communal researches about the historical and social foundations of the women’s revolution and the system of Democratic Autonomy in Rojava / North and East Syria. She has participated in the establishment of the Andrea-Wolf-Institute of the Jineolojî Academy with the aim to connect women’s wisdom and struggles for democracy, justice and freedom worldwide. In this framework she took part in the discussions and collective writing process of the booklet ‘Killing and Transforming the Dominant Man’ which was published by the Andrea-Wolf-Institute in January 2021, which is available for download here: http://jineoloji.org/en/2021/01/20/booklet-killing-and-transforming-the-dominant

For more information about the Network Women Weaving the Future, see their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/WomenWeavingFuture

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