Seminar on Syria and the Kurds announced

Kurdish American Education Society-Los Angeles  Seminar Announcement:

Democratization in Syria, Perspectives and prospects, Syria and Kurds at the Crossroads of Change

Hosted by the Kurdish American Education Society-LA  and co-sponsored by various departments and programs at California State University, Long Beach and Kurdish Community of Southern California

This seminar will provide a forum for those who have an interest in exploring the unfolding developments in Syria as the contending forces in the multi-ethnic and religiously diverse Syria are attempting to reshape the country in its challenging path to democratization. These developments have been both the source of inspiration and uncertainty for Syrians as a whole, ethnic and religious minorities including Kurds, in particular.  The program is based on the critical need for understanding the gravity and complexity of the humanitarian and political crisis both regionally and internationally. Our distinguished panelists consisting of academics, human rights activists, researchers, lawyers, journalists, and representatives of the Syrian and Kurdish opposition, will discuss the key issues that Syrians are confronting. Continue reading “Seminar on Syria and the Kurds announced”