Report: The Kurdish Perspective on the Conflict and How to End It


8 July 2014


A report of a political briefing hosted by Green Party peer, Baroness Jenny Jones, held in Westminster on 2 July and organised by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign.

The keynote speakers were a senior delegation of leading representatives from Rojava, Syria: namely, Saleh Muslim, co-president of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Deputy General Coordinator of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria (NCB); Basam Ishaq, chairman of Syriac Council (representing the Christian community); and Abdul Karim Omar, the spokesperson of Jazira Canton Foreign Affairs Department.

The delegation, visiting the UK to urge support for the people of Rojava, explained their independent perspective on the Syrian conflict before a specially invited gathering of parliamentarians, policy advisors and researchers. The majority population of Rojava are Kurds but the self-administration that has been established in the past few months had brought together all the region’s communities. This highly positive development needed to be more widely understood.

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NCB: ‘Foreign fighters joining jihad in Syria pose serious threat’

The National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change has released this statement on the horrific massacre of Syrian Arab civilians in Altalaliah by ‘non-Syrian terrorists’:

Press release: Massacre at Altaliliah by ISIS

The terrorist organization of “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – ISIS”, has committed a new massacre against Syrian civilians in the village of Altaliliah, near Ras al-Ain “Sere Kaniye” city in al-Hasakah province. It has been reported by Human Rights Organisations, and confirmed by an official statement issued by the General Coordination of the Executive Councils of the Democratic Self-Administration areas, that ISIS has executed at least fifteen Arab Syrian citizens who fled from the oppression of the regime’s armed forces in Aleppo province; they mutilated their bodies, among them about seven children and three women. The terrorist organization also blew up a booby-trapped vehicle in the village of Tamad, and that claimed the lives of many civilians.

The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change – NCB strongly condemns these acts of terrorism and sends their consolation to families of the victims. It reaffirms its position towards all jihadist terrorist groups in Syria embodied in its call for the international community to start taking practical steps and effective measures in confronting these groups, especially the non-Syrians terrorists. In this context the NCB draws the attention of the international community, especially European countries, to the fact that the People Protection Units – YPG has reported that “non-Syrian terrorists”, members of ISIS, were among the perpetrators of the massacre. Therefore the National Coordination Body calls upon the international community, especially the Permanent Member States of the Security Council, to consider seriously its proposal to issue a resolution that outlaws all non-Syrian fighters, especially as a number of citizens from some of these countries that have joined terrorist organizations in Syria under the umbrella of “jihad” is increasing dramatically, which will pose a serious threat to the security of their countries in the future, as it is posing a threat now to the security of Syria and the region .

Mercy to the Martyrs, and healing for the wounded

The National Coordinating Body – Media Office




Latest briefing from the PYD

Latest briefing from the PYD, 18.01.14

Weekly News summary and events in the western Kurdistan


  • Geneva Conference 2.
  • The first conference of the Organization of the Democratic Union Party PYD in Amude.
  • Asia Abdullah: no one can deny the Kurdish people in Rojava.
  • Women’s participation in the Geneva 2 meeting as a delegation.
  • Educational and cultural events.



Stockholm: The Democratic Union Party in Sweden calling the Kurdish people to participate in a protest, which will be held in the 18th of this month in the capital Stockholm to demand the inclusion of the Kurdish issue in the program of the Geneva Conference 2. The party organizes sit-in to send message of the Kurdish people to the international community, and pressure on the international decision-making centers to include the Kurdish issue in the Geneva Conference 2 and to be solved and not to allow Geneva 2 be Lausanne.

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