Break down of relations between KRG (KDP) and the Yazidis.


How the KRG Restrictions Harm Yazidi Recovery

 Some evidence about Sinjar and KDP policy regarding Yazidi`s

  1. Urgent call by Yazidi-Sinjar council and its YBŞ Self-Defense force
  2. Disproportionate Limits on Goods Entering, Leaving Sinjar
  3. Report Human Rights Watch: Iraq: KRG Restrictions Harm Yezidi Recovery (Human Rights Watch)
  4. Kurdish Officials Shut Down Group Aiding Yezidis (Human Rights Watch)

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Vasiliki Scurfield addresses Newroz reception in Parliament

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) held an event in parliament on 17 March, to celebrate Newroz, the Kurdish New Year. The event was hosted by MP Mike Gapes. The speakers were Vasiliki Scurfield, the mother of Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, Michelle Allison, KNK UK women’s representative, Dr Alan Semo, PYD UK representative, and Dr Mohamed Kanyany, former KRG MP.

by Sofia Beatty

newroz parliament_vsAddressing a packed meeting in the House of Commons, Aysegul Erdogan, chairing, welcomed the speakers, with a special thanks to Vasiliki Scurfield, the mother of Konstandinos Scurfield, the ex-Royal Marine who died fighting with the YPG for the liberation of the Kurdish people. This year, said Aysegul, Newroz “takes on added significance, as this is the first Newroz since the victory of the Kurdish forces, the YPG and YPJ in Kobani, Rojava. This year, the fire of Newroz burns brighter than before. Newroz, for us Kurdish people, has a different meaning. To us, it means light over darkness, freedom over oppression, peace over war.” She praised the Kurdish spirit of resistance in the face genocidal acts against the Kurdish people, such as at Halabja. Continue reading “Vasiliki Scurfield addresses Newroz reception in Parliament”

KCK: “We need unity to defend Rojava and South Kurdistan”



Kurdistan Democratic Communities’ Union -Info

Koma Civaken Kurdistan – Info





The bandit-marauder ISIS organization backed by some international and reactionary regional forces is posing many threats to South Kurdistan. This bandit organization whose main aim is the elimination of the entity and freedom of the Kurds, has been carrying out bloodthirstily attacks against the Kurdish people in Rojava for two years. But it suffered successive blows and historic defeats against the heroic resistance of YPG forces and the people of Rojava. Failing to achieve its aims in Rojava Kurdistan, it has now started to launch brutal attacks on South Kurdistan. ISIS is now fighting against the patriotic and resistant line of struggle in the Middle East. Eliminating all the gains of the Kurdish people and especially the gains of South Kurdistan is the main aim underlying the invasion of Mosul.

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Michael Gunter book “out of Nowhere” to be released April 2014

EUTCC secretary general Michael M Gunter’s latest book, Out of Nowhere,  is due to be released in April 2014 from Hurst Publishers. More details below:

“In mid 2012 the previously almost forgotten Syrian Kurds suddenly emerged as a potential game-changer in the country’s civil war when in an attempt to consolidate its increasingly desperate position the Assad government abruptly withdrew its troops from the major Kurdish areas in Syria. The Kurds in Syria had suddenly won autonomy, a situation that has huge implications for neighboring Turkey and the near independent Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq. Indeed, their precipitous rise may prove a tipping-point that alters the boundaries imposed on the Middle East by the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916.

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International Crisis Group publishes report on oil and Iraqi Kurdistan

The International Crisis Group, a organisation involved in international conflict resolution which provides analysis and advice to governments and intergovernmental bodies like the UN, EU and the World Bank, has published a new report called Iraq and the Kurds: The High-Stakes Hydrocarbons Gambit.

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