Latest news briefing from the PYD information office

News Briefing Regarding The News and Events in West Kurdistan

Head Lines

  • Geneva Conference 2
  • Demonstrations in Europe to demand participation of Kurds in Geneva 2
  • The dossier of three assassinated Kurdish activists
  • The Declaration of the Transitional Self-Administration government in the Jazeera region
  • Clashes and the displacement of people from Manbej to Kobanî
  • Educational and cultural events


Geneva Conference  2

News center : The representatives of the Kurdish people and Syriac who have not been invited to participate in the Geneva 2, held a press conference, pointing out that the conference does not represent all people of Syria, saying, “The solution lies in the self-management model in western Kurdistan, which includes all components of the Syrian fabric”.

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KNK International Appeal for the Geneva II conference

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has put together an international appeal to demand the inclusion of the Kurdish Supreme Council in the Geneva II Peace conference, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Hundreds of people, including Nobel Prize winners, members of Parliament from dozens of countries, academics and lawyers have all signed the appeal, calling for the Kurds of Rojava to have a voice in the peace process and a say in the future of Syria.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)

International Appeal


We support the peace efforts initiated towards ending the war in Syria. This war has been going on for almost three years, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, the displacement of millions more and the destruction of the country. To achieve an end to this conflict, we hope that the Geneva II Conference to be held on 22 January 2014 will result in a peaceful and permanent solution.

The Kurds in Syria have always declared their support for all such international efforts. The Kurdish people are struggling for the right to live freely with their own identity in a democratic Syria. The Kurds in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) have neither succumbed to the persecutions and massacres by the regime or by those groups linked to Al-Qaeda. The Kurds want to live autonomously within a democratic, equal and just Syria alongside all its peoples and religious minorities of the country; Syria represents a multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-ethnic reality.

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Latest briefing from the PYD

Latest briefing from the PYD, 18.01.14

Weekly News summary and events in the western Kurdistan


  • Geneva Conference 2.
  • The first conference of the Organization of the Democratic Union Party PYD in Amude.
  • Asia Abdullah: no one can deny the Kurdish people in Rojava.
  • Women’s participation in the Geneva 2 meeting as a delegation.
  • Educational and cultural events.



Stockholm: The Democratic Union Party in Sweden calling the Kurdish people to participate in a protest, which will be held in the 18th of this month in the capital Stockholm to demand the inclusion of the Kurdish issue in the program of the Geneva Conference 2. The party organizes sit-in to send message of the Kurdish people to the international community, and pressure on the international decision-making centers to include the Kurdish issue in the Geneva Conference 2 and to be solved and not to allow Geneva 2 be Lausanne.

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An Open Letter to the UN Secretary –General: On the Participation of the Kurdish Supreme Council in Geneva II Conference

An open letter by Dr Amir Sharifi, director Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group, based in California, to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:

Los Angles – January 8, 2014

To his Excellency Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group (KHRAG) and various Kurdish Communities in Southern California to express our support for the participation of the Kurdish Supreme Council in the Geneva II conference, scheduled to take place on January, 22, 2014.

We are encouraged by your persistent effort for an international response in the face of the insurmountable difficulties. Syrians are profoundly affected by a deep crisis that threatens to expand with even greater catastrophic regional and global consequences. As you are aware, the tragedy has also had very serious consequences for Kurds who have been discriminated against under the reign of Bashar al-Assad and now face an uncertain and bleak future. While they have been the targets of criminal attacks and threats of Islamists and Al Qaida linked groups on the one hand, Syrian opposition forces of all persuasions have adamantly refused to recognize their most fundamental human rights.

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