News Briefing Regarding The News and Events in West Kurdistan

Head Lines

  • Geneva Conference 2
  • Demonstrations in Europe to demand participation of Kurds in Geneva 2
  • The dossier of three assassinated Kurdish activists
  • The Declaration of the Transitional Self-Administration government in the Jazeera region
  • Clashes and the displacement of people from Manbej to Kobanî
  • Educational and cultural events


Geneva Conference  2

News center : The representatives of the Kurdish people and Syriac who have not been invited to participate in the Geneva 2, held a press conference, pointing out that the conference does not represent all people of Syria, saying, “The solution lies in the self-management model in western Kurdistan, which includes all components of the Syrian fabric”.

The press conference held in the city of Switzerland between Elham Ahmed, a member of the Kurdish Supreme Council, Saleh Muslim co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, chairman of Syriac Union party San Isaac , Hani Baal Jacob a member of the Syriac Union Party, and Beter Braonds, who has not been invited as an independent body to the Geneva Conference 2.

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslem said that “the representatives of the Kurds who participated in the Geneva Conference 2 do not represent the Kurdish people, the real representatives of Kurds are sadly not participating.”

Muslim said, “the real solution is a model of democratic self-management which has been announced in Aljazeera Province.”

Demonstrations in Europe to demand participation of Kurds in Geneva 2

Kurdish demonstrations are continuing in several European countries asking the conference to demand the participation of Kurds in Geneva 2, as an independent delegation. Demonstrations took place in Sweden, Greece and Cyprus, with the participation of thousands of members of the Kurdish community in Europe.

The protesters waved Kurdish flags and symbols and the emblems of the peoples protection units YPG, as well as the movement of a democratic society TEV-DEM and the Democratic Union Party PYD. “No to another Lausanne” was the common cry of the demonstrators.

In the same context, a number of leftist parliamentarians and dozens of intellectuals and Greek artists signed a petition calling for the European Union delegation to demand that an independent Kurdish delegation attend the conference. They also demanded that the self-management system be accepted. One of the main signatories was composer Mikis Thwaioderakis.

The dossier of three assassinated Kurdish activists

Paris – Gina Doje, investigating judge in the court, revealed an audio record which can bring charges to ‘Omar Connie’ in the assassination of Kurdish activists. According to the site M6Info, the main question being asked by the investigating judge in the fight against terrorism, is whether it was the voice of the accused on the tape, something he denied.

Unknown person published a voice recording of Omar Connie on YouTube, revealing that “Connie” planned the murder of the Kurdish activists. Two days after the publication of the audio tape, a document was published, signed by the Turkish Intelligence, indicating the murder of the Sakina Cansiz, one of the co-founders of the PKK, and her friends Leila Shailemiz and Fidan Dogan. The M6ınfo site stated; “According to information we have obtained, the anti-terror police force, have reached the conclusion that the perpetrator is in fact Omar Connie. The family of the accused could verify that it is the voice of Connie on the tape. The investigation team awaits results from tests of the tape.”

The French site M6ınfo stated: French authorities have asked help from Turkey and Germany to investigate the audio tape and the unknown person who published it on youtube. The also stated that they have received an email from the unknown person which is very useful in the investigation.

The Declaration of the Transitional Self-Administration government in the Jazeera region

A number of members of the Legislative Council and guests who attended the meeting, which announced the formation of self-management for the Aljazeera province  in Amude confirmed that the “Declaration of the Government of democratic self-governance in the province of Aljazeera means the announcement of democracy for the peoples in Rojava.”

The statement of the members of the transitional self-management in the Aljazeera province announced in the ANHA news agency that “the declaration of democratic self-management announcement means democratic self-management for all of Rojavas component, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs and Yazidis.”

Clashes and the displacement of people from Manbej to Kobanî

According to local sources in Manbej, the town was attacked by members of the Islamic state of Iraq and Damscus. Clashes ensued between them and opposition groups who were in control of the Manjbad town.

As a result of the clashes, thousands of people were discplaced from the town to the surrounding villages of Kobane (ayn al Arab). With regard to the number of displaced people to Kobanî, Nabil Nebo member of Kobani asayish, stated that at least 300 families flowed in yesterday and that the number is steadily increasing.


Educational and cultural events

Al-Hasakah – The Kurdish Student confederation in the city of Al-Hasakah continue national activities and events to provide services to the students of Universities throughout Rojava. Opening of educational courses and other services has been the central effort.

Derik – Thousands of Kurds, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Armenians and Arabs celebrated in the city of Derik as the Transitional Self-Management government was announced in the Jazeera region.

Kobanî – The Kurdish Student confederation in Kobane (ayn al Arab) organized a cultural event where poetry and music was in focus. Dozens of people attended.

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