Urgent appeal:

November 10, 2012


To the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR),

To the Parliament of the European Union,

To the Parliament of the United Kingdom,

To Amnesty International,

To Human Rights Watch,

To international media outlets, and

To all political parties, trade unions and freedom lovers across the world:


The lives of hundreds of Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey must be saved.

We are writing to you regarding the recent wave of mass protests and hunger strikes in Turkey by Kurdish people. 63 Kurdish political prisoners have been on hunger strike for political solution to the Kurdish Question in Turkey since Sept 12th 2012. The hunger strike has been spreading day by day. While by the end of October the number of prisoners on hunger strike reached about 700 in more than 50 prisons, on November 5th spokesperson of the political prisoners declared that from now on 10,000 political prisoners are on hunger strike.

They are striving to gain respect from the Turkish state for their basic human rights that have been suppressed for many decades. These basic rights include such rights as the right to respect for their basic human dignity, which already is enjoyed by people who are not treated like third-class citizens and who do not have to endure degrading discrimination due to their ethnic identity; the right to speak and to write in their mother tongue; and political rights such as the rights to freedom of expression and the right to equal citizenship. In addition, the strikers seek freedom for Abdulla Ocalan, the Kurdish leader of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) who was kidnapped by the Turkish authorities and has been imprisoned under terrible conditions in Turkish prisons for over 13 years.

Turkey claims to be a modern democratic state while at the same time thousands of Kurds are forced to be Turkish, to renounce their origins, and to live under a false Turkish identity forced upon them violently by the racist, discriminatory laws of the Turkish state. Furthermore, millions of Kurds in Turkey have been subjected to mass murder, displacement, forced relocation, imprisonment, torture, the denial of equal citizenship.

While Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has tried to appear as a saviour to other “Muslim” people in Palestine and Somalia by deploying “humanitarian aid”, thousands of Kurdish people in Turkey have been imprisoned and battered simply for wanting to enjoy the same basic rights and freedoms as the rest of the Turkish population.

Since September 2012, more than 700 Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey have been on hunger strike. Their lives are now in grave danger. Medical professionals in Turkey have warned that deaths will start to occur at any moment due to the prolonged hunger strike.

For decades, the nationalist state of Turkey has refused to recognise the existence of Kurds and has banned the Kurdish language and culture. In addition, any political or even cultural activities by Kurdish people have been met by violence. If Turkey calls itself democratic, why then are its prisons overcrowded with Kurdish political activists, mayor, MP’s, women, children, intellectuals, academics, and journalists? This says a lot about the nature and state of Turkish democracy!

We therefore call upon the United Nations organizations and agencies, the Parliament of the European Union, the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and all nongovernmental organisations worldwide to intervene and to put all necessary pressure on the Turkish regime so that Turkey will respond respectfully to the Kurdish people’s demands and will accept their demands. At the same time, our hearts go out to the political prisoners in Turkey and we call upon them to stop this hunger strike so that their lives will be saved.  Too many precious lives already have been lost in the struggle for equality in Turkey.




The undersigned:

Yanar Mohammed: Women’s rights activist-Iraq

Houzan Mahmoud: Political activist, and women’s rights campaigner-Kurdistan/Iraq

Sarwar Penjwnei: Writter-Kurdistan-Iraq

Shamal Ali: Political Activist Sweden

Helena Pinto, Member of Parliament, Portugal

Dr. Dana Saeed Sofie: Memebr of Kurdistan Parliament-Kurdistan-Iraq

Dr Sarwar Abdulrahman: Memebr of Kurdistan Parliament-Kurdistan-Iraq

Kamal Raouf: Editor in chief of Hawlati newspaper-Kurdistan/Iraq

Naliya Ibrahim: Politician- Sweden

Najiba Mahmood: Journalist and women’s rights activist- Sweden

Venus Faiq: Journalist-Kurdistan

António Avelãs, president of the Great Lisbon Teacher’s Union (SPGL), Portugal

Dr. Choman Hardi: independent writer and academic

Asos Hardi: Owner of Awene Company for Newspaper publishing-Kurdistan-Iraq

Shadi Amin: Political activist-Germany

Halal Rafie: Women’s rights activist-Sweden

Shadi Sadr: lawyer and feminist-UK/Iran

Jamal Xambar: Lawyer & Poet- Australia

Saeed Arman: International Organisation of Iranian Refugees

Paulo Fidalgo, Doctor, President of Communist Renovation, Lisbon, Portugal

Dr Rebwar saeed: Art lecturer University of Sulaimany-Kurdistan-Iraq

Elhamy Elmerghany: Socialist People’s Alliance Party-Egypt

Reza Manochehri: Journalist and Civil society activist-Germany

Jeffery Humfeld: Kansas City, MO, USA

Sara Mohammad: chairwoman of the Never forget Pela and Fadime organisation in Sweden

Tara Jaff: Musician-UK

Jani Diylan: journalist /Broadcaster/ Artist

Bill Weinberg: journalist-U.S.A

Evan Darraji: writer & painter \Iraq

Dr.Eshur Kumar, Psychiatrist (Pakistan)

Zafar Imam Writer/Columist (Pakistan)

Dr.Haresh Kumar: Psychiatrist and Activist, Editor of Monthly class Struggle (Pakistan)

Mohamed Khan Ahmadani: Trade Unionist (Watan Dost Mazdor Fedration), Sindh Pakistan

Jilah Bakhshayesh: Political activist for anti-racist and anti-discrimination issues

Suhail Zahawi: Writer and political activist- Erbil Kurdistan/ Iraq

Shamal Aba Rash: Actor-Kurdistan-Iraq

Koband develeopmet-Political Organsiation-Kurdistan

Akam Noaman Halabjaey: Journalist and student-Kurditan-Iraq

Fatah Zaxoye: Political observer-Kurdistan-Iraq

Twana Omar: Deputy Editor in chief of Honya Magazine-Kurdistan-Iraq

Reza Rauf: University lecturer-Austria

Dr.Zafer Fehmi Yörük: Izmir, Turkey

Khanim Rahim Latif: Women’s rights activist-Kurdistan/Iraq

Awder Abdulrahman Rahim: Student-Kurdistan-Iraq

Emad Ali: Political observer-Kurdistan-Iraq

Hiva Panahi: Writer & Professor of political & social sciences -Pantios Universty-Greece

Rebwar Hassan: University Lecturer -Stockholm – Sweden

Qubady Jalizada: Poet and retired Judge-Kurdistan-Iraq

Dr. Nadim Al-Jawahiri: Med.Doc. Vienna, Austria

Qasim Marzani-Lecturer -university of Salahaddin –Kurdistan-Iraq

Soran Ramazan: president of the Federation of civil society organisations in Kurdistan-Iraq

Muslih Irwani: Lecturer and Researcher, Lincoln-UK

Dr.Satya Prakash: Film Maker-Mumbai-India

Hiwa Said Salaim: Memebr of Politcal beurau of Kurdistan Toilers party

Head office of the General Student Union in Kurdistan-Iraq

Shamal Raof: Civil society activist-Kurdistan

Lanja Abdulla: Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Soraya Falah: researcher & writer –USA

Hasan Mustafa: Journalist-Kurdistan

Ali Mahmood: political activist-Kurdistan/Iraq

Jaza Hama Salih Wali: chairman of Sociologists and psychologists association-Kurdistan

Rebwar Hamid: Cameraman and human rights activist London-UK

Dana Naqishbendi: Freelance Journalist-Vienna – Austria

Hama Rashid Heres: Writer and theatre actor Canada

Maria Hagberg, Women’s Rights Activist, member of coordination IFE- EFI www.efi-ife.org

Kit Larsen Hughes: Retired teacher-Stockholm, Sweden

Lilian halls-french. Co-president European feminist Initiative IFE-EFI . Paris-France

Roman Z. Baban: Journalist-UK

Nicola Stott: Centre for women’s studies-University of York-UK

Muhsin Kareem: Political personality-Kurdistan-Iraq

Kazhal Nory: Civil society activist and women’s rights campaigner-Holland

Renaud Romagnan: IT Worker in Astrophysics-France

Nicolas Dessaux: Solidarité Irak-France

Liam McNulty: Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, London

Mark Manning, maintenance worker, Seattle

Saira Zuberi: Canada

Esther Townsend: Workers’ Liberty and University of East London Students’ Union

Martyn Hudson: workers liberty

Bill Henning: Communication Workers Association Local 1180-New York, NY

Salah Raouf: Musician-Germany

Rabab El-Mahdi, University Professor

Martin Lööf, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden

Gona Saeed: women’s rights activist-UK

Xulfi Mahesar: Political activist-Pakistan

Raoof Sofie: Accountant-Nottingham-UK

Rashid Ali: (Tabqati Jidojahed Marxist)

Dr.Satyaparkash Gupta: Film maker , Mumbai India.

Dr.Ravi Kumar: (Young Droctor’s Association ) SINDH

Dr.Kailash Kumar: Political activist and writter.(Sindh, Pakistan)

Dr.Jae Deep: Dubai

Monika Roli: Sweden

Ata Mufty: London-UK

Tanya Mohammed: Editor in chief of Blesa Monthly Magazine-Kurdistan

Khandan Mohamed Jaza: Writter and women’s rights activist-Norway

Koshan Ali Zaman: MA student in international relations- Kurdistan

Kader Nadir: civil society acitivst-Sweden

Hawar Bazyan: Journalist-Sweden

Dr Yousif Zangana: UK

Fouad Qaradaghi: Writer –Kurdistan-Iraq

Stivan Shamzini: Editor in chief of shapol magazine-Kurdistan-Iraq

Twana Taha: Coordinator of the office of today’s vision for journalist observation-Kurdistan

Faraidon Bewar: Social researcher and journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Rzgar Hama Rashid: Writer and theatre actor-Canada

Nala Hasan: Writer and poet-Canada

Nihad Jami: Writer and theatre actor-Kurdistan-Kurdistan

Shahin Shahlaye: Stockholm-Sweden

Bawan Serdesht: Student at university of Sheffield-UK

Mozafer Ahmadi: Political Activist-

Yadgar Shekh Islami: Political Activist-

Natalia Caruso: NYC-USA

Niaz Art – Artist-Amsterdam-Holland

Thomas Schmidinger: Political scientist- Vienna-Austria

Nat Williams: Poet-UK

Yifat Susskind: NYC-USA

Kristofer Lundberg: Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna Göteborg Sweden

Niyaz Abdulla: Civil society activist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Aram Jamal: Civil society activist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Dr.Yasin Rashid Hasan: University lecturer-Kurdistan-Iraqn

Jahangir Abdollahi- Member of Kurdish Human Rights Association-EU

Sana Sleman Asaf: Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Sozan Amin: Iraq’s committee for Women’s Right

Tara Taufiq: Iraq’s committee for Women’s Right

Suna Kose, Journalist-UK

Brochot, Hayange: labour activist-CGT France

Lori M. Rob-Connecticut, USA

Afrasyab Grami: Journalist-Germany

Malayka Alam Holi: Civil society activist- Germany

Twana Hama Rashid: Musician-Kurdistan-Iraq

Sophie Boiszeau: Initiative Communiste Ouvrière-France

Aram Osmani: Journalist-France

Sacha Ismael: Alliance for Workers Liberty

Pat Murphy: National Union of Teachers national executive and international committee

Daniel Cooper:University of London Union vice president

Janine Booth: RMT rail union national executive (pc)

Karwan Omar: Artist-Dancer-Switzerland

Shadan Fuad: Actress-UK

Avin Fatah: Writter-Kurdistan-Iraq

Dilshad Hafiz: Political activist-UK

Behman Taher Nariman: Journalist-Kurdistan

Fakhradin Tahir: Writter and Journalist-Sweden

Samera Ahmed: Political activist-UK

Aras Nuri Ahmad Taha: Human rights activist-Germany

Chnur Akbarpor: Artist

Fatima Anamaghi: psychologist, writer and translator

Aryan Omed Arif: Journalist-Norway

Nuno Manuel Tito de Morais Ramos de Almeida: journalist. Lisbon – Portugal

Stare Arif: Civil society activist-Kurdistan

Farideh Rezai: Women’s rights activist-Sweden

Shahla Dabaghi: women’s rights activist-Sweden

Özz Nûjen: actor/comedian-Stockholm, Sweden

Terry Moon: Journalist, Chicago, Ill, USA

Joana Vicente Baginha: MA Student, London

Deanne Rauscher: Journalist Sweden

Jude Jackson: Leicester-UK

Rezan Saleh – Artist – Belgium

Lukmani Haci Kerim; Writter-UK

Heather Shaw: Education worker, Sheffield UK

Dr. Selah Germian: Psychologist – Australia

Luis Miguel de Almeida Carvalho: Journalist- Portugal

Naskah Zada: Journalist Washington D.C

Yadgar Fayaq: Journalsit at NRT-Kurdistan-Iraq

Katherine Natanel: Student – London

Media Zahawy: Health and social care Advisor-UK

Alan Mohtadi: National board of education Sweden

Berivan Sindi: Project Executive- Sweden

Sores Armanc: Project Manager- Sweden

Dilara Cetinkaya, Student -Sweden

Avan Faris Jaff- Journalist-Kurdistan

Yekbun Alp: International affairs board left party in Uppsala

Mohammad Mahmoodzadeh: Student at Sheffield University

Elena Budakci: Psychiatric Nurse-Sweden

Dilshad Questani: Artist-Paris-France

Kalé Karim: Worker- Switzerland

Aven Aziz: Writer and Journalist-Sweden

Alan Pary: Poet- Denmark

Edris Ali: Poet-Kurdistan-Iraq

Ophelia Benson: writer, Seattle-USA

Mouloud Swara: Political Activist-UK

Faraidon Arif: Writer -Kurdistan

Masoud Binandeh: Lecturer-Sociologist-Kurdistan-Iran

Özz Nujen: Stand-up comedian -Sweden

Shilan Saidi: Journalist –Sweden

Srud Faruq Barzingi: Student-Kurdistan-UK

Twana Ali: Worker-Switzerland

Berivan Dosky: Councilor, Iraqi Embassy, Syria

Horen Gharib: Theatre actor- Kurdistan

ASO Xanm Hamasalih: Poet- Germany

Mahmood Rash mahmood: Kurdistan-Iraq

Karzan Ali: Teacher, Bromsgrove, UK

Sirwan Jalal: Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Sangar Salaye: ART of music, Holland

Nia Amen: Human rights activist-Germany

Sarwar Saeed: Social worker

Harem Karem: Lecturer, UK.

Kathy Black: union leader, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Saleh Mirawdaly: writer-UK

Bakr Abdulrahman: Cartoonist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Ala Ali: Women’s rights activist- Kurdistan-Iraq

Soreya Tahir: London-UK

Bahman Omar –Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Bandi Ali – Author – Darmstadt , Germany

Ranj Hejar: Writer / journalist-UK

Sarkaw Ameen: manager, Oslo-Norway

Saman Hama Gareeb –journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Haval Nazhad Abbas- lawyer- Kurdistan-Iraq

Bora Shamlo – Photographer – London-UK

Soran Omar Mhealden: Design Technical Manager- Sweden-Gothenburg

Shanta Sultana: Journalist/ London-UK

Roman Zagros: Media Analyst, UK

Ezat Malaky: Accountant, Civil Rights Activist; Vancouver, Canada.

Avin Mirawdeli: PhD Student-London

Chnoor Hama Amin: -Independent personality

Parez Sardar: MSc Social Work – Lincoln-UK

Azad Bakir: Political activist- London-UK

Khedir R Khedir: University professor, USA

Adnan Gily: Political observer-Sweden

Yassin Abdullah Rash: Oslo-Norway

Roshna Hama Abdullah: Oslo, Norway

Saryas Qaradaghi: Writer-UK

Nahro Allaey: political activist-Kurdistan

Saman Faraj: Freelance writer& Student at the University Of Sheffield, England

Harez Hassan: Finland

Avin Kakay-belgium

Raper Osman Ozeri: Activist-Kiev- Ukraine

Nehro Shawqi: Kurdistan/Iraq

Hersh Yasin: Poet-Kurdistan/Iraq

Zryan Kaka: Student –Derby- UK

Goshi Baneiy – Civil society activist-Holland

Sherif Kashkoli: Austria

Honar Tofiq: Writter-Denmark

Kochar Namo: Journalist-Sweden

Mzhda Kamil: Kurdistan

Nihad Herki: Journalist-Kurdistan

Nahid Mokri: Women’s/human’s rights activist-Sweden

Farman Sdeiq: Journalist-Kurdistan

Hiwa Barzinji: Journalist-Kurdistan

Aziz Rashid Hariri: Writter and Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Karzan Osman: Journalist-Kurdistan

Rebwar Saeed: Political activist-Kurdistan

Kajal Ali Hamabor: Cologne-Germany

Payze Ahmad: Writer and activist-UK

Mohamed Goran: Writter and journalist-Kurdistan

Mohammed Fariq Hassan: Writter

Hemn Hama Jaza: Poet and Musician-Kurdistan

Khabat Aref Marouf: Nurse-Sweden

Shwan Khorshid: Writer and journalist

Arsalan Mahmoud: writer and journalist- Kurdistan

Hawraman Ali: writer-Finland

Nazhad Siwaily: Canada

Chia Renwar: IT-consultant, Sweden

Hama Kaka Rash: poet and writer-Sweden

Kamil Ahmad: Artist-Germany

Trifa Aziz: Germany

Fariba Mohamedi: Journalist-Kurdistan

Baxteir Sharazwri: Writer-Kurdistan

Khulia Hussein: Women’s rights activist and poet-UK

Shakar Aziz: Pharmacist-UK

Omar Gholami: Journalist-Kurdistan

Salar Amin Mardan: Kerkuk-Kurdistan

Rebaz Musatafa: Writer and translator: Kurdistan-Iraq

Habiba Hama Salih: House wife-Kurdistan-Iraq

Niga Ahmad: UK

Nyan Ahmad: UK

Mihraban Ali Rasoul: Finland

Nawzad Sherdil: Worker-Canada

Alan Kaka: Lawyer-Canada

Dyar Halabjae: Poet-Kurdistan-Iraq

Aso Khalid: translator- Kurdistan-Iraq

Pshtiwan Latif: Civil Society acitivst-Kurdistan-Iraq

Kirmanj Gundi: University lecturer-USA

Shahla Rostam: Finland

Sarkhel Hashm: Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Dr Najih Golpi: Halabja-Kurdistan

Arsalan Rahman: Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Hiwa Jamail: Journalist-Kurdistan

Sirwan Saeed: Member of Gorran-Movement for Change-UK

Goran Aziz Hariri: Writer

Lawzha Jawad: Women’s Rights activist-Denmark

Ramona Fransson: Author – Sweden

Jirwan Nuri: Media studies student-Kurdistan

Ara Nasimi: Media studies student-Sweden

Ronak Shwani: Writer and civil society activist-Sweden

Ibrahim Zahawy: London-UK

Rawzia Roustam: London- UK

Parosh Muharam Mhamad: Sweden

Ayub Faek: Canada

Lailan Maronsi:  journalist

Kazm Mahmoud Shamirani: Student-Kurdistan-Iraq

Azad Aziz Mohedin Mawati: Political activist-UK

Sara Omar: Lawyer and poet-Denmark

Juma Muhamad Kakamand: Student-Finland

Niaz Bayati: Artist-Denmark

Farok Karim: Political veteran- Germany

Diyar Kamil: Student- Manchester- UK

Rebaz Muhamad: Switzerland

Mahmoud Mohamed Osman: Writer-Holland

Glena Kurdi: Student, London, United Kingdom

Hawder Khthir: Student English Department – Kurdistan-Iraq

Goran Dukani: Journalist-USA

Aras Rashid: Political activist-Canada

Maryam Abdulrahman: Women’s rights activist-Canada

Hasan Salih: Translator: Sweden

Khabat Marf: Austria

Taeb Baker: Austria

Rzgar Ibrahim: Kerkuk-Kurdistan-Iraq

Dana Sabir: Peterborough-UK

Shapol Said: Hairdresser-UK

Darya Said Student-UK

Askol Said: House wife-UK

Shaswar Baban: London- UK.

Tavga Hassan: Student- London-UK

Tayeb Hooshiar-poet-Germany

Tola Marzani: Student- England

Zhwan Ahmed Saeed: Journalist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Gaziza Ghaderi: Finland

Kawan Kadir: Artist-Canada

Abdull Qeregoli: Civil society activist-Swenden

Kaywan Hawrami: Journalist-Kurdistan

Seido Davood Ali: MA in Clinical psychology, translator –Kurdistan-Iraq

Khalil Ahmad: Student-UK

Herdi Ali: Interpreter and Artist-UK

Salah Fathulla: Political activist-Finlad

Mansour Hafid: Lawyer-Sweden

Nasik Hussein: Poet Canada

Sabah Raji: political activist-Norway

Banaz Saleh: Student-Norway

Ardalan Ahmad: Journalist-Kurdistan

Shahram Nameq: Polytechnic leacturer-Kurdistan/Iraq

Gulstan Saeed: Nottingham-UK

Stefania Pizzotti: Milan- Italy

Vian Meriwani: Hannover – German

Awara Nadr Rashid: Leeds -UK

Kaywan Karim London, United Kingdom

Helime Rasuli: Women’s rights activist-Kurdistan-Iraq

Rommel Mamand: Labourer-UK